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54th Graduation Anniversary of PHS Class 1954

Alejandro S. CamilingGreetings!

In my humble capacity as USA-Canada Chapter President of our alumni association, may I extend to all of you, with utmost sincerity, our best wishes for prosperity and good health. It is really a great pleasure and a personal pride to welcome you to our Reception and Dinner-Dance as we celebrate our 54th Graduation Anniversary in conjunction with the Centennial Celebrations of Pampanga High School, our dear and beloved Alma Mater!

At the outset, please allow me to thank the officers, committee chairs and members who did a tremendous job in making this grand reunion a great success. Congratulations for a job well done! Thank you so much also for the generosity of our USA-Canada-based classmates who answered my pleadings for financial contributions for the last three years. Such generosity helped so much in financing our class donations to Pampanga High School, financial assistance to some of our Philippine-based classmates who were in need due to health problems and of course, funding our grand reunion expenses for the last three years. 
I see a lot of happy faces among us, ready to eat our delicious dinner and then hit the dance floor to enjoy the lively music. Before we do that, may I request for a moment of silence in honor and in loving memory of our departed relatives, our fallen classmates and our deceased teachers who pushed the boundaries of human knowledge forward and challenged us not only to accomplish our goals but to excel in our chosen professions and personal undertakings.

Indeed, most of us beat the odds, hurdled life’s challenges, created names for ourselves and made our Alma Mater very proud of us! To many of us, we proved that poverty is not an obstacle to succeed in any undertaking or to attain personal ambitions.
At this point of time of our lives, we are thankful for what we are and what we have. However, it is best to think also, that when we cross the Great Beyond, God won’t ask, how much material wealth we left behind but He may ask how much did we share with people who did not have any.

He won’t ask the square footage of our individual residences, but He may ask how many people we welcomed into our respective homes.

God won’t ask how many friends we had. He may ask how many people to whom we were friends with.

God won’t ask in what neighborhood we lived. He may ask how we treated our neighbors.

God won’t ask why it took us so long to seek salvation. He may lovingly take us to our designated places in Heaven and not to the gates of Hell!

My family joins me in wishing you the best of everything and more power to all of you! Thank you so much and please enjoy the rest of the evening!

Mutus ko pu king maluka yung talasuyu!

Alejandro S. Camiling, CPA
February 15, 2008 

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