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Pampanga High School main building

The class of 1954 of the famed Pampanga High School in San Fernando City of the Province of Pampanga, Philippines had its historic beginning in July 1950 when hundreds of elementary school graduates assembled at the school auditorium to take the entrance examination for entering freshmen. It was a momentous event for the school because it was the first time in the history of the institution that an entrance examination to classify the first year students by sections was conducted.

The entering freshmen of 1950-51 school year were grouped into thirteen sections based on the results of the written entrance test. As anticipated, sections one and two, were composed mostly of elementary school valedictorians, salutatorians and other honor students. This competitive grouping set a solid foundation for these young minds to challenge themselves and strive for lofty goals.

Browse this website to get acquainted with the members of the fabulous class of 1954 who beat the odds, hurdled life's challenges, created a name for themselves and made their alma mater proud.

Share their joys as they gather pieces of memories that reconnect them to the past and rekindle the flame of old friendships.

(PHS Class 1954
Graduation Song- April 2, 1954)

Fare ye well, my Alma Mater!
Dear teachers, farewell you'll hear,
Our last days have come to lead us far,
Far away from thee, my love,

Onward we go to distant isles,
In quest of fuller life of hope,
Let me sing this last refrain,
To check these tears of joy and pain.

I hear thee call
I willl be gone
Farewell to all.

(Lyrics/music: Gonzalo G. Ocampo)










PHS Class 1954

With all sincerity and modesty, I do hereby upon my honor pledge my loyalty to the Pampanga High School. With the firm belief that it is in me and has to come out of me, I promise to uphold all that it teaches and stands for. Knowing that loyalty to my dearest Alma Mater is my sacred duty, I pledge myself to keep it ever alive by rejecting all that is or henceforth shall be contrary to her teachings and to defend her against detractors.

Believing that man's greatest asset is what he is rather than what he has, I shall always endeavor to conduct my life and my acts in a manner that will be worthy of the good heritage behind my beloved Pampanga High School. With the help of the Almighty, I will try to live up to what my loving parents and patient teachers expect of me.

So help me God.

April 2, 1954