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Pampanga High School and Its Fabulous Class Of 1954 
A Brief History

By Alejandro S. Camiling, CPA (32466 bytes)

Pampanga High School - A Synopsis

The Pampanga High School


Pampanga High School (a.k.a. PHS) is the alma mater of many famous Filipinos such as Philippine President Diosdado P. Macapagal of Class 1929 and six of his cabinet members during his presidency:

  • General Marcos G. Soliman of Class 1929, Chairman of the National Intelligence Coordinating Council (NICA) and Commanding General of the Philippine Army
  • Dr. Floro Dabu of Class 1930, Secretary of Health
  • Amable Aguiluz of Class 1931, Treasurer of the Philippines
  • Atty. Juan Cancio, Assistant Executive Secretary of the Philippines , valedictorian of Class 1932 and
  • Pampanga Governor Jose B. Lingad of Class 1932, Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Internal Revenue.

President Diosdado Macapagal

Some of other noted Pampanga High School alumni are/were:

  • Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Jose Gutierrez David of Class 1912
  • Director of Private Schools Manuel Carreon, the valedictorian of Class 1915
  • Ambassador and Justice of the Supreme Court Roberto Regala of Class 1918
  • Director of Lands Zoilo Castrillo, Salutatorian of Class 1919
  • Pampanga Provincial Governor Urbano Dizon of Class 1920
  • Congressman Emilio Cortez of Class 1921
  • Philippine Postmaster General Belarmino P. Navarro of Class 1926
  • Pampanga Provincial Governor Rafael Lazatin of Class 1927
  • Judge Ernestino Limpin of Class 1928
  • Literary genius and patriot Amando G. Dayrit of Class 1929
  • Administrator Godofredo Pangan of the Rural Electrification Program of the Philippines of Class 1930
  • Provincial Board Member and nationally known trial lawyer Moises S. Ocampo of Class 1933
  • Award-winning journalist and historian Renato "Katok" Tayag, valedictorian of Class 1933
  • Executive Editor of Manila Times Publishing Company Jose Luna Castro of Class 1933
  • Undersecretary of Finance Ruben Macapinlac of Class 1935
  • Evening News Editor-In-Chief Felix B. Bautista, Jr. of Class 1938
  • Supreme Court Justice Hugo Gutierrez, Jr. of Class 1942
  • Judge Pablo P. Inventor of the Regional Trial Court of Caloocan City , the valedictorian of Class 1947
  • Provincial Board Member and prominent CPA Adelino Lugue of Class 1947
  • Judge Rodolfo Toledano, a CPA-Lawyer of Class 1948
  • Deputy Minister of Public Works and Highways Aber Canlas of Class 1950
  • Philippine Free Press Editor-In-Chief Crispulo Icban, Jr. of Class 1950
  • Secretary of Education Jose P. de Jesus of Class 1951
  • Vice Governor Cicero J. Punsalan, a lawyer and private school executive, of Class 1954
  • Human Rights Commissioner Eligio Mallari, a lawyer and businessman, of Class 1954
  • Multi-awarded broadcast-journalist and media executive Orlando Punsalan of Class 1954
  • Provincial Board Member Restituto Capulong of Class 1955
  • Provincial Administrator and Journalist Artaserxes Art Sampang of Class 1955
  • Provincial Administrator and Fiscal Orlando Santiago of Class 1955
  • Herminio Miranda of the Solicitor General's Office of Class 1955
  • Congressman and National Housing Authority Manager Marciano Pineda of Class 1955
  • Former Congressman and current city mayor of San Fernando City, Oscar Rodriguez of Class 1963
  • Doctor of Economics Dante B. Canlas, Secretary of Economic Planning and Development of Class 1963
  • CIS and Narcom Chief Brig. Gen. Ramsey Ocampo of Class 1963
  • Congresswoman and Immigration Commissioner Andrea Dizon Domingo of Class 1965 and
  • Dr. Virgilio Malang, award-winning inventor and scientist of Class 1965.

According to Dr. Evangelina Hilario-Lacson of Class 1933 in her "Kapampangan Writing - A Selected Compendium and Critique", that three famous contemporary Kapampangan writers, poets and lawyers - Roman P. Reyes, Amado M. Yuzon and Silvestre M. Punsalan completed their secondary education at Pampanga High School . Reyes was one of the most admired Kapampangan poets and an acclaimed playwright, zarzuela director and editor of "Ing Kampuput". Yuzon of Class 1925 was honored internationally as a poet laureate, a professor and a congressman of the first district of Pampanga. Punsalan, also of Class 1925 was a provincial board member, acting governor and Chairman of the Board of the Philippine National Bank.

Gen. Romeo S. David

Amb. Armando  Madamba

Gen. Virgilio David


Also listed in the roster of many distinguished PHS alumni are/were:

  • Philippine Air Force Brigadier General Romeo S. David who served as president and CEO of Clark Development Corporation

  • AFP Deputy Chief of Staff and Vice Admiral Armando Q. Madamba who was appointed as Ambassador and Executive Director of Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1995 to 1996 of Class 1954

  • Brigadier General and National Police Commissioner Virgilio M. David of Class 1954
  • Brigadier General Rafael M. Maniago of Class 1955
  • Police General Jose Lalisan of Class 1965, outstanding administrator of the Philippine National Police Directorate.

Other Pampanga High School alumni who served with distinction as city/municipal government officials are/were:

  • San Fernando Municipal Vice President Jose Santos of Class 1918
  • San Fernando Mayor Miguel Baluyut of Class 1927
  • San Fernando Vice Mayor Abelito David of Class 1930
  • San Fernando Mayor Jose Quiwa of Class 1930
  • Apalit Mayor Alfonso Lugue of Class 1931
  • San Fernando Mayor and Provincial Board Member Rodolfo Hizon of Class 1931
  • Angeles City Councilor and business executive Alfredo de Leon of Class 1938
  • Bacolor Mayor and Undersecretary of National Defense Emerito de Jesus of Class 1949
  • Magalang Mayor Benedicto Dayrit of Class 1949
  • Floridablanca Mayor Pedro Capulong of Class 1951
  • San Fernando Vice Mayor Agapito Espinoza of Class 1953
  • San Fernando Mayor Armando Biliwang of Class 1954
  • Mabalacat Mayor Catalino Domingo of Class 1954
  • Apalit Mayor Romeo Pamintuan of Class 1954
  • San Fernando Mayor Paterno Guevara of Class 1955
  • San Fernando Mayor Virgilio Sanchez of Class 1957
  • Limay, Bataan Mayor Nelson David of Class 1965.

In the military and national police service, the following PHS alumni rose to the rank of colonel:

  • World War II hero and writer Ricardo Galang of Class 1915
  • Agustin Gabriel of Class 1917
  • Francisco Sandico of Class 1917
  • Emigdio C. Cruz of Class 1921
  • Sergio G. Sanchez of Class 1926
  • Gregorio M. Yambao of Class 1926
  • Pacifico C. Marin of Class 1928
  • Miguel Pingul of Class 1929
  • Juan Arroyo of Class 1930
  • Federico W. Calma of Class 1931
  • Diosdado Garcia of Class 1933
  • Patricio Buyson of Class 1934
  • Felix Duenas of Class 1937
  • Eloy Baluyut of Class 1947
  • Agustin Cuyugan of Class 1954 and
  • Rolando de Guzman of Class 1955 and

thousands of other professionals who made significant contributions to the Philippines as a young and growing republic while aligning itself among the members of the league of sovereign nations.

The early foundations of what we know today as Pampanga High School were initially laid out in July 1901 when first American civil governor Howard H. Taft succeeded Major General Arthur MacArthur as American Chief Executive in the Philippines . Governor Taft, who became the 27th president of the United States of America in 1909-1913, fully established a civilian government in the Philippines to replace the military rule of his predecessors.

One of the four executive departments of the central government, the Department of Public Instruction under the administration of Honorable Bernard Moses, a member of the Second Philippine Commission initiated public education in Pampanga and in other provinces of the Philippines . Twenty-five civilian educators from the six hundred American teachers known as Thomasites who arrived from the United States aboard the U.S.A.T. Thomas on August 23, 1901 were assigned in nineteen towns of Pampanga. The initial objectives of the American educators with the cooperation of municipal and provincial officials were to establish at least one primary school (Grades I to IV) in each municipality and the recruitment of native Pampangan teachers for training in the English language and in new teaching methods. A "teachers institute" was created in San Fernando to meet the need for native Pampangan teachers.

It was quite a struggle in putting up a new educational system right after the Philippine-American War. New buildings had to be constructed; supplies, books and other instructional materials had to be procured. Pampangan native teachers had to learn the English language and had to be trained in new methods of teaching. The cooperation of parents and local government officials had to be solicited also.

By 1905, about a year after the provincial capital was transferred from Bacolor to San Fernando , Governor Macario Arnedo was able to secure additional funds from the national government to open five intermediate schools (Grade V to VII) along with the provincial school and two trade schools, one in Apalit and one in Bacolor.

By the end of the first decade of the 20th century, the intermediate schools increased to eight and the provincial normal school was converted into a regular high school. The trade school in Apalit ceased operations in later years while the trade school in Bacolor grew into an industrial arts and technical college, which was renamed later as Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades in honor of Governor and Secretary of the Interior HonorioVentura.

The effort and sacrifices of the pioneering educators in Pampanga resulted to positive progress. As evidence of the quality of public education in Pampanga particularly in the secondary level, eleven (11) of the more than two hundred (200) participants to the "Pensionado Program" set up by the Philippine Commission in 1903 to 1910 were originally from Pampanga. Many of these government scholars with at least secondary education diplomas who were sponsored to study in American colleges and universities became great leaders in government service, law, education, medicine and politics. The most famous of these government scholars was Secretary of Justice and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Jose Abad Santos who is acclaimed today as a national hero.

It is interesting to note also that in the 1918-1919 commencement exercises of the University of the Philippines , Pampangans were awarded the second highest total of degrees. Only graduates from the Manila area exceeded the total of Pampangan UP graduates in that particular school year. Such commendable accomplishments validated the intellectual excellence of many Pampangan students and the outstanding college preparation they received from their secondary school teachers.

The Golden Jubilee Celebration Souvenir Program of Pampanga High School in 1962 indicated that in 1908 the Pampanga High School classrooms were located in a big house in downtown San Fernando known then as the " Buison Building ". When the student population increased tremendously, the Pampanga High School moved to a bigger concrete building along the old highway near the Provincial Capitol in barrio Santo Nino. The high school building in downtown San Fernando became later a popular lodging and dining facility known as Pampanga Hotel and Restaurant.

The school principal during the early years of Pampanga High School was an American educator by the name of John W. Osborn. Nineteen (19) students graduated in 1912 with Wenceslao Vitug as valedictorian and Macaria Roque as salutatorian. The school was under the supervision of American educators until 1935 when the last American principal, Charles G. Whitewell was succeeded by Demetrio Andres who served as school principal until 1939.

In 1937, during the administration of provincial Governor Pablo Angeles David when the Philippines was still a commonwealth and Manuel L. Quezon was the president, classes were transferred again to new and bigger facilities along Teopaco Street now known as High School Boulevard in San Fernando, Pampanga. The concrete high school building near the provincial capitol was converted to a military hospital after World War II. It became later the San Fernando Branch of the University of the Philippines until it was significantly damaged by lahar in 1991.

Classes at Pampanga High School were interrupted in 1942 to 1944 due to World War II. When regular classes were resumed after the war, Alvaro Punla and Wilfredo Castro graduated valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, in 1945.

In an exchange of emails with Dr. Antonio R. Suba of PHS Class 1942, he wrote that the members of his class received their diplomas in 1946 in a special graduation ceremony. Class members who perished during World War II were honored and their respective families received their diplomas.

Today, despite of limited financial resources and the keen competition with many private institutions, the Pampanga High School continuously improves its high academic standards and employs many good and dedicated teachers. Hundreds of high school students graduate every year and majority of them pursue their professional careers in many institutions of higher education.

Repairs and renovations of aging facilities and structural damage brought by the 1991 volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and other calamities are being initiated as funds become available through government appropriations and donations from generous alumni. The federation of school alumni associations under the presidency of Mr. Angelo D. David of Class 1947 is currently raising funds and coordinating the implementation of the Total Master Site Development Plan of the Pampanga High School to meet the needs of a growing student population.

On October 22, 2005, the ground breaking ceremony of a new three storey building to be built at the school campus was attended by prominent alumni, school administrators, faculty members and government officials.

Pampanga High School Class of 1954

The Freshman Year - 1950-51

The Class of 1954 of the famed Pampanga High School in San Fernando City of the Province of Pampanga in the Philippines had its historic beginning in July 1950 when hundreds of elementary school graduates assembled at the school auditorium to take the entrance examination for entering freshmen. It was a momentous event for the school because it was the first time in the history of the institution that an entrance examination to classify the first year students by sections was given.

The entering freshmen of 1950-51school year were grouped into thirteen (13) sections on the basis of the results of the entrance written test. Hence, sections one and two, as anticipated were composed mostly of elementary school valedictorians, salutatorians and other honor students.

The Section One (I-1) students were under the mentorship of English and Literature teacher Mr. Pablo Pinlac who later became the principal of the school after many years of dedicated service as a member of the faculty and as assistant principal. A few of the other freshmen teachers were Mr. Rafael Aguilar, Mr. Francisco Calica, Mr. Fajardo, Mr. Intal, Mr. Kabiling, Mr. Casimiro Turla, Ms. Mariquita Mendoza, Ms. Teresita Panlilio, Ms. Januaria Tanjutco, Ms. Conchita Tungol and Ms. Annette Valencerina.

The vocational course teachers were Mr. Pedro Malang and Mr. Rivera for Horticulture, Mr. Leonardo Gantioqui for Poultry and Swine, Mr. Manuel Soriano for Electricity, Mr. Gregorio Musngi for Merchandising, Mr. Valencia for Carpentry Shop and Mr. Priscillano Quizon for Arts Appreciation. The school principal in 1950 was Mr. Ruperto C. Torres and the school librarian was Ms. Rosario Makabali.

As expected, the freshman year was highlighted by scholastic competitions. Dalmacio P. Inventor, Cicero J. Punsalan, Armando Tala, Alejandro S. Camiling, Ruth Lumba, Pablo Jimenez, Roberto Lugue, Luz Pagtalunan, Angelina Twano, and other outstanding students figured prominently in the Honor Roll of the school as published in the school newspaper, "The Pampangan".

The Sophomore Year - 1951-52

Except for new subjects and teachers such as Mrs. Pilar del Rosario, Ms. Rosa Custodio, Mr. Clemente Pangan, Mr. Juan Malgapu, Ms. Iluminada Cuyugan, Ms. Asban, Ms. Dionisia Patawaran and Ms. Victoria Sawal, the sophomore year in 1951-52 was almost the same as the freshman year.

The original thirteen sections in the freshman year were reduced into ten during the sophomore year. The ten sophomore sections were re-configured based on the scholastic performance of the students in the freshman year. Students whose grades improved in the freshman year moved to the top sections and vice-versa for other students.

The honor students in the freshman year were also the same students who dominated the sophomore scholastic competitions including yours truly despite of a conflict and misunderstanding with a new Tagalog course teacher who misjudged an alleged issue and unfairly penalized an inculpable student (yours truly) via the student report card in the last grading period of the sophomore year. The unfortunate incident did not involve parental complaint or involvement on the issue. If it happened during the period of student activism and civil rights awareness, the incident could have not gone away without being noticed. As a result, it caused a permanent damage to the academic standing of the innocent and hapless student.

The PHS Class 1954 members were the first batch of sophomores who took up Geometry as an elective subject under Mr. Juan Malgapu and the first class to initiate and organize a central council for the second year sections. For vocational courses, the boys were grouped in accordance with their choices of either Horticulture under Mr. Pedro Malang or Mr. Rivera or Poultry and Swine under Mr. Leonardo Gantioqui or Electricity under Mr. Manuel Soriano, Sr. or Carpentry Shop under Mr. Valencia or Art Appreciation under Mr. Priscillano Quizon. The girls took up Home Economics or Merchandising.

In sports, Pamfilo Batac, Orlando David, Ruben Gorospe, Zoilo Gueco, Amor Castro, Ricardo Briones, Pacita Gopez, Narcisa Pineda, Epifania Ramos, Lolita Yutuc, Rosario Manalili, Felicidad Angeles, Corazon Canlas and Nadinee David excelled in athletic competitions.

As an elective subject, Music Education was offered under Mr. Gonzalo Ocampo and the Pampanga High School Symphony Orchestra was organized. From PHS Class 1954, the following joined the orchestra: Teodoro Maniago (violin); Pablo Jimenez (violin); Cicero J. Punsalan (violin); Ramon T. Guiao (clarinet/saxophone); Orlando Punsalan (saxophone); Zenaida Marin (violin) and Corazon Navarro (piano).

The Junior Year - 1952-53

Due to student transfers to other schools and student dropouts, the junior class sections were reduced in numbers similar to what happened in the sophomore year. However, one noticeable addition in III-1 was Aurora Sangalang, a transfer student from the Province of La Union where she grew up to adolescence and where her father, Mr. Jose Sangalang was a provincial academic superintendent of the Department of Education prior to his assignment in Pampanga in 1952. For obvious reasons (pretty, friendly, smart and a good sport), she was an instant celebrity who quickly gained a lot of friends from her female classmates and attracted a huge crowd of male admirers, either teasing her or vying for her attention

The junior year in 1953 was more challenging and the scholastic competition was also intense. Under the advisorship of Mr. Leoncio Lising, a Biology teacher and teacher-in-charge of III-1, the Junior Class Organization was organized with Cicero Punsalan as president, Armando Tala, vice president, Pamfilo Batac, secretary; and Ruth Lumba, treasurer. The PHS Class 1954 junior class organization initiated the construction of the first Greenhouse of the school.

The teacher-in-charge of III-1 took upon himself requiring his students to mop the floor of his classroom with used locomotive engine oil from a nearby train depot. Twice a week, two boys from III-1 were assigned to pick up two 5-gallon cans of used oil from the train depot. Some students such as Alejandro Camiling and Eduardo Pabustan missed a few of those errands and paid dearly in their report cards. Apparently, the teacher's seemingly good intention was in actuality an exploitation of authority because he exposed his students including himself with toxic chemicals.

The other academic teachers in 1952-1953 were Ms. Maria Dimalanta, Mr. Erasmo Punsalan, Ms. Angela Sanchez, Mrs. Paciencia Soriano, Mrs. Elena S. Sunga, Mrs. Tecson and Mr. Isabelo Vitug. Ms. Alice H. Castillo came in also to bolster the Physical Education staff headed by Ms. Teresita Panlilio and so with Mr. Bienvenido Licup as commandant of the Preparatory Military Training (PMT) program.

As prospective successors to the 1953 graduating seniors responsible for editing, publishing and managing the school newspaper, "The Pampangan", competitive examinations among junior students to select assistant editors and reporters were conducted by the school organ adviser, Miss Gervacia K. Guarin. Ruth Lumba was best for Literary; Armando Tala for News; Jose Oliveros for Tagalog; Dalmacio P. Inventor for Spanish; Zenaida Marin for Society; Alejandro S. Camiling for Sports; Roberto Lugue for Vocational; and Cicero J. Punsalan for Military. Pablo Jimenez and AngelinaTwano were appointed as junior reporters.

The junior class in 1953 had a good representation in the different athletic teams that saw action in inter-provincial athletic tournaments in Central Luzon. Pacita Gopez, Narcisa Pineda, Epifania Ramos were the mainstay of the women's softball team. Pamfilo Batac, Amor Castro, Ricardo Briones and Zoilo Gueco were starters of the boys' soccer team while the girl's volleyball team had Rosario Manalili and Lolita Yutuc as first team members.

Gaudencio Gozun, Orlando Guerrero, Elpidio Gutierrez and Prudencio Lacson were first-team members of the basketball squad while Corazon Canlas and Nadinee David were top guns in track and field.

As an annual tradition, the junior class sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom held at the school quadrangle. Music was provided by Iggy de Guzman and his orchestra.

The Senior Year - 1953-54

The Senior Year of PHS Class 1954 was composed of seven sections, which included the following:

Section 1 - Hopes of the Future (IV-1) with Miss Gervacia K. Guarin as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 2 - Defenders of the Motherland (IV-2) with Miss Maura Arce as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 3 - Lights of Tomorrow (IV-3) with Mrs. Pilar B. del Rosario as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 4 - Realists (IV-4) with Mr. Clemente Pangan as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 5 - Lightbringers (IV-5) with Miss Victoria Sawal as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 6 - Liberty Lovers (IV-6) with Mrs. Elena Sunga as Teacher-In-Charge
Section 7 - Wisdom Seekers (IV-7) with Mr. Galo Tecson as Teacher-In-Charge

The PHS Class 1954 had a fairly good start with interesting rivalry in student politics and student activism. Student leaders engaged in debates, campaign speeches and presentation of party platforms to gain support from the student population. When the individual elections were held for the various student organizations, Cicero J. Punsalan was elected president of the Student Council, the Dramatic and Oratorical clubs. Dalmacio P. Inventor topped the presidential election of the Cervantino (Spanish) Club, the Horticulture Club and Section One of the Senior Class. Ruth Lumba was chosen to lead the Physical Education Club, the Treasury of the Student Council and of the Cervantino Club and Jose Oliveros was voted president of the Tagalog Club. Armando Tala won the presidency of the 1954 Senior Class Organization. The other elected officers of the senior class organization were Armando Biliwang, Vice President; Pablo M. Jimenez, Secretary; Pacita Gopez, Treasurer and Vladimir Sampang and Alejandro Camiling as Auditors.

For the first time in the history of "The Pampangan", no editor in chief was designated in the 1953-54 school year. Instead, a board of editors was created with three members namely, Armando Tala, Chairman and Dalmacio P. Inventor and Cicero J. Punsalan as members. The section editors were Ruth Lumba, Literary; Jose Oliveros and Rosario Miranda, Tagalog; Josefina Malang, Features; Armando Biliwang, Spanish; Alejandro S. Camiling, Sports; Paulita Bundalian, Faculty and Alumni; Angelina Twano, Society (Clubs and Organizations); Pablo M. Jimenez, Military; Roberto Lugue, Vocational and Isabelita Lugue for Physical Education. The three staff artists were Pacifico Lagman, Manolito Vitug and Orlando David while the staff typists were Teodoro Maniago, Amado B. Lugue, Jr. and Neciforo David. Restituto Vega was assigned as staff photographer. Jesus Mallari was delegated as senior news reporter while Bienvenido Pinpin and Wilfredo Guzman were assigned as Sportswriters. Zenaida Marin was chosen as a columnist.

In the field of preparatory military training, Jose L. Velez was chosen as corps commander while Neciforo David was the undisputed leader of the Air Scouts unit.

On February 19, 1954, Mr. Bienvenido Licup, the Preparatory Military Training (PMT) commandant inaugurated a Military Pass-In-Review followed by the Sponsors Ball in the evening of the same date at the school auditorium. The PMT officers' sponsors led by Rosario Manalili were the most beautiful young ladies on campus selected individually from the finest Pampangan families in the province.

Midway of the senior year, student activism had its peak when disgruntled IV-1 students led by Alejandro S. Camiling initiated a petition to replace a Tagalog course teacher for IV-1 students. Mr. Jose C. Reyes, the principal at the time conducted an investigation of the accusations and complaints listed in the petition. The principal finally settled the complaints when he designated Mr. Jose S. Simbulan to take over the responsibility of teaching the Tagalog course in IV-1.

Two weeks prior to Graduation Day, the principal invited prominent individuals from various professions to speak before the PHS Class of 1954. Two of those great speakers were Nueva Viscaya Congressman Leonardo Perez who spoke about Law and Politics and Manila Times correspondent, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. who gave an inspiring speech about journalism and patriotism.

In the real political arena, Pampanga Governor Rafael L. Lazatin was about to finish his first four years as provincial executive while President Ramon Magsaysay, in his second year as Philippine president, was still trying to find effective solutions to the peace and order, insurgency, economic uncertainty, and the graft and corruption problems of the country which he inherited from the past administrations, the latest of which then was the presidency of Elpidio Quirino.

The 39th Commencement Exercises at Pampanga High School were held at 8:00 o'clock in the evening of the 2nd of April 1954. The PHS Class of 1954, which included 359 promising young men and women, received their diplomas in a special ceremony without traditional graduation speeches.

The honor students recommended by a committee of teachers from the junior and senior classes and approved by the school principal, were Dalmacio P. Inventor and Cicero J. Punsalan as class valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Armando Tala, Angelina Twano, Ruth Lumba, Roberto Lugue and Pedro Joven were named First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Honorable Mention.

Medals and prizes donated by government officials and civic leaders were awarded to the honor students. Congratulatory messages were received from Governor Rafael L. Lazatin and from the Division Superintendent of Public Schools, Mr. Jose C. Aguila.

As listed individually in the Commencement Issue of the "The Pampangan" on April 2, 1954, the following is the breakdown of "Ambition" of the members of PHS Class 1954:

Accounting -5; Acting -1; Agriculture-16; Aircraft Mechanic-1; Airline Stewardess - 1; Airman - 1; Architecture - 8; Artist - 2; Banking -1; Building Contractor - 1; Business/Commerce - 45; Certified Public Accountant - 14; Chemical Engineering - 2; Chemistry - 2; Civil Engineering -7; College Professor - 1; Dance Instructor - 1; Dentistry - 3; Diplomat -1; Draftsman -1; Education - 29; Electrical Engineering - 6; Engineering - 7; Flight Nurse - 3; Foreign Service - 1; Hair Science - 1; Home Economics - 2; Journalism - 6; Law - 19; Liberal Arts - 2; Mechanical Engineering - 8; Medical Doctor - 25; Merchant Marine - 1; Midwifery - 6; Military/Soldier - 4; Missionary - 1; Modist - 1; Music - 1; Music Professor -1; Navyman - 13; Nursing - 24; Painting - 1; Pastor - 1; Pharmacy - 9; Photography - 1; Pilot - 11; PMA Cadet - 3; Politician - 1; Priest - 7; Radio Technician - 3; Secretary - 5; Serve Humanity - 8; Signal Officer - 1; Social Worker - 1; Technician - 1; Undecided - 31.

Class Members - Five Decades Later.

Many of the members of PHS Class 1954 attained their "ambitions" but there were some who changed professional careers to suit their needs and personal desires. Many class members excelled in their respective professions and several class members were recognized for their outstanding leadership in business, politics, military service and in socio-civic-religious activities.

As we are aware, we do not know when the Almighty may call us to depart from this world. Although it is difficult to admit but it is a reality, the following were reported to have crossed the Great Beyond already:

Ricardo Angeles, Josefina Baliton, Melencio Basco, Hermenigildo Batac, Armando Biliwang, Candido Bingcang, Rogelio Bondoc, Ricardo H. Castillo, Amor Castro, Garner Cruz, Exequiel Cunanan, Agustin Cuyugan, Alberto David, Fernando David, Ireneo David, Remedios David, Tirso Dayrit, Arcadio Dimalanta, Josefina Dizon, Catalino Domingo, Aida Garcia-Rodriguez, Zoilo Gonzales, Pacita L. Gopez, Zoilo Gueco, Orlando Guerrero, Eduardo Herrera, Nestor Herrera, Igmidio Javier, Jr., Prudencio Lacson, Pacifico Lagman, Alberto Lanuza, Eduardo Lapuz, Jovencio Liwanag, Roberto Lugue, Gabriel Magtoto, Virginia Magtoto, Jesus S. Mallari, Ruben Mallari, Lucila Manaloto-Calma, Teodoro Maniago, Jose Manlapaz, Maria Paz Marucut-Peralta, Vicente Mercado, Augusto Nepomuceno, Jr., Onofre Pangilinan, Virgilio Panlilio, Bienvenido Pinpin , Nestor Pongco, Orlando Punsalan, Honorio Reyes, Ernesto Sagun, Rogelio Sagun, Vladimer Sampang, Antonio Santiago, Lydia Santos, Amelia P. Santos-Sandico, Joselito Sembrano, Camilo Simon, Armando L. Tala, Lourdes Twano, Antonio Tuazon, Jesus A. Yangco, Benjamin Yap, Iluminada Zapanta and Jesus Zapata. May they rest in peace!

Partial list based on information compiled by the author:

Dalmacio P. Inventor (IV-1), the class valedictorian, graduated Summa Cum Laude in Accounting from Far Eastern University in Manila . He joined SGV, the biggest CPA firm in the Philippines .  His employer sponsored his graduate studies at Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.   After obtaining his MBA in Corporate Finance, he worked for a year with Coopers & Lybrand, CPAs.While in New York ; he married Dr. Merle S. David of PHS Class 1955. He returned to the Philippines to fulfill his contractual agreement with his graduate studies sponsor. During the martial law regime of President Ferdinand Marcos, he decided to return to New York where he and his wife worked for many years. He retired in 2003 as a senior staff member in the financial management group of Pfizer, a large worldwide pharmaceutical firm based in New York City . The Inventors have a home in New York and a newly built home in Temecula , California . He is a member of the Board of Directors of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Cicero J. Punsalan (IV-1), the award-winning orator, outstanding student leader and salutatorian, graduated with honors from the prestigious College of Law of the University of the Philippines . He became a highly respected attorney, a popular politician, a successful businessman and a private school executive. He was elected provincial vice governor of Pampanga and became the acting governor of Pampanga in the eighties. He is married to the former Purificacion Calma of PHS Class 1959 and their children are Norbin, a lawyer, Rowena, a BS Biology graduate, Adeline, a Mass Communication degree holder, Oliver, an Occupational Therapist and Marco, a graduate in BS Management. He is the Vice President for Pampanga of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association. 

Armando Tala (IV-1), 1st Honorable Mention, who originally planned to become a chemical engineer, graduated instead in Accounting and joined the CPA profession. He and some members of his family perished in a tragic fire that destroyed their lives and their home. May they rest in peace!

Angelina Twano-Evangelista (IV-1), 2nd Honorable Mention, exceedingly diligent, conscientious and determined as she was in her studies, on a scale of one to ten (1 to 10), with 10 being the best, she was a perfect "10" to accomplish her goal of becoming an educator. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in Education (BSE) from the University of the Philippines in April 1958 and she was recruited to teach at her college Alma Mater in Metro Manila. She received a generous U.S. Government Scholarship Grant in 1964-66 to pursue graduate studies at the University of Hawaii and Cornell University in Ithaca , New York . Later, she obtained a Master of Education (M. Ed) from the University of Illinois . She is married to Exquicinio Evangelista, a professional engineer and a member of PHS Class of 1950. They migrated to Chicago , Illinois in 1972 and raised a beautiful and successful family. She recently retired as a junior a high school teacher in Illinois . Her two sons (Angel - BS Chemical Engineering) and Jesse (BS in Mechanical Engineering) grew up in the windy city and followed the footsteps of their dad as professional engineers. She is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.  

Ruth Lumba-de Jesus (IV-1), 3rd Honorable Mention, quiet and hardworking, is a Certified Public Accountant who worked for many years at the Central Bank of the Philippines . Some classmates said that she and her family migrated to the USA .

Roberto Lugue (IV-1), 4th Honorable Mention, graduated from the College of Law of the University of the Philippines and became an eminent legal counsel in Metro Manila. He is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Pedro Joven (IV-1), 5th Honorable Mention, graduated from the College of Medicine of the University of the Philippines and migrated to New York to practice his medical profession.

Lucila Alipio-Cervantes (IV-5), one of the "Pretty Women Threesome" from Lubao (the other two were Aurea Dabu and Belen Morales) who took the trolley everyday to school, graduated with a bachelor degree in Commerce. She and her husband Eddie Cervantes own and manage large fishponds in western Pampanga. Their children are Marivic, a doctor of medicine, Edwin, BS Architecture, Eduardo, Rufino, BS in Commerce, and Marilen Michelle-BS Education.
Ofelia L. Aquino (IV-6) whose ambition was to be a pharmacist resides in San Fernando City , Pampanga.

Mamerto Barrera (IV-1) completed his degree in civil engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila. .He became an excellent civil engineer and worked for Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City . He migrated to southern California and after many years of service, he retired as a project engineer from the United States Veterans Hospital in Long Beach , California . He is married to the former Honorata Manalo, a beauty queen from his hometown. Their marriage produced five intelligent children namely: Joel-BS Computer Information System, Jonelle -BS, Computer Engineering, Jeanette-BA Integrative Biology, Jerel-BS Computer Design, and Jemelle-BS Telecommunications Management. Three of them graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude). Mamerto is actively involved in socio-civic-religious activities and serves as director of three non-profit organizations. He is the Executive Vice President of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Melencio Basco (IV-5) who wanted to be a CPA became a prominent businessman in San Fernando . He joined already his Creator. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Pelagia Basilio-Pineda (IV-1), petite and very cute, whose ambition was to be a pharmacist is married to Matias T. Pineda, Sr. of PHS Class 1955. Their five children are Matias, Jr., Nancy, Marnie, Marlon and Andrew. The Basilio-Pineda family is very fortunate to have the luxury of maintaining two homes, one in London , England and one in Santo Tomas, Pampanga.

Ricardo Bautista (IV-7) whose wish was to join the Navy took up Commerce and married his co-graduate, Remedios Lacsamana (IV-3), who followed her dream of becoming an educator. They settled and raised a family in Metro Manila.

Armando Biliwang (IV-2) earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He turned to politics and he was elected as municipal councilor. He eventually became a long-term mayor of San Fernando , Pampanga. He died of natural causes in the late nineties. May eternal rest be granted to his soul!

Norma Binuya-Quizon (IV-5) who did not disclose her ambition on graduation day pursued a teaching career and earned a Ph.D. She is married to Angelo C. Quizon, a retired Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. The Binuya-Quizon children are Ma. Eugenia, an Occupational Therapist, Angelo, Jr., a US Naval Serviceman, Christopher Glenn, an O.R. Nurse and Tiny Louisa Ann, a RT and Professor of Linguistics. They reside in Newport Richey, Florida .

Rogelio Bondoc (IV-4) pursued a degree in Commerce and made his second home in Southern California with his family.

Victoria Bonus-Nunag (IV-5) aspired to be a registered nurse. She tied the matrimonial knots with Ponciano Nunag. Their only son, Romeo graduated with a bachelor degree in commercial science (BSC) major in accounting and auditing.

Ricardo Briones (IV-6), an outstanding soccer player who planned to have a degree in Commerce is with the administrative staff of San Fernando Electric and Power Company (SFELAPCO). He married the former Rosario Monterey.

Paulita Bundalian-Dayrit (IV-1) known for her dramatic skills, poise and congenial personality received her degree in education. She is married to her classmate, the popular Tirso Dayrit. She runs an Interior Design business and makes frequent trips to Australia and California to visit her two married daughters. The Bundalian-Dayrit children are Anna Marie, BS Economics, Aileen, BS Physical Therapy, Jose Pericles, BS Architecture, Maria Rowena, BS Architecture and Francis Achiles, bachelor degree in Behavioral Science. She was the Treasurer of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion and chaired the Food and Accommodation Committee.

Rogelio Camaya (IV-3) who intended to enroll at the Philippine Military Academy, retired from the Department of Water and Power of the Philippines . Roger makes himself busy with many socio-civic-religious activities in his hometown of Apalit, Pampanga.

Alejandro S. Camiling (IV-1) earned his Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree at Far Eastern University in Manila . He worked for Pampanga Sugar Development Co. as Chief of Internal Auditing and Accounting, practiced his accounting profession and taught accounting and auditing courses. He took up graduate studies in Advanced Executive Management at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles . He retains his Philippine and California CPA licenses and works for the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as an accounting/financial director. He married an educator, the former Teresita Zuniga and their marriage is blessed with four children who all attended USC (Theresa, bachelor's degree in Environmental Science & Finance and a certificate at John F. Kennedy School of Politics and Government at Harvard University and currently employed as Los Angeles Field Office Director of the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and serves as Vice Chairperson of the Federal Executive Board in Southern California; Leanne, bachelor's degree in Education, Ador, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Alain, Public Administration). Very active in socio-civic-religious activities, he was a two-term president of the Filipino-American Association of Altadena-Pasadena and serves as director of three non-profit charitable organizations in California . He is the president of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter. Strange as it may seem, he is also a conscientious student and researcher of Kapampangan language, history and culture. He maintains a comprehensive website dedicated to his research findings and writings. ( )

Merita Canlas-Galamay (IV-7) who planned to take up a secretarial course married Felix Galamay. Their children are Marilyn, a BSC degree holder, Ferdinand, an Engineer, Girlie, a BSC graduate and Gina, who also earned a Commerce degree.

Corazon Canlas-Mesina (IV-2), the star athlete in Track and Field was inspired by the loving care of Florence Nightingale for the sick and suffering people. She is a registered nurse.

Loreta Capitulo-Martinez (IV-2), recognized for her "Miss Universe" beauty and pleasing personality, had the strong desire to become a physician. She and her family have a home in Quezon City and presently reside in San Diego , California .

Rodolfo Carlos Sr. (IV-6) planned to pursue a career in Commerce. He is married to Lolita S. Carlos and their children are Yolanda, Florante, Laura, Jocelyn, Rodolfo, Jr., Carlos and Carren.

Ricardo H. Castillo (IV-5) got his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of the East in Manila and worked for a marketing company dealing in the export of sugar and molasses. He died in the late fifties. May he rest in peace!

Francisca Castro-Maniago (IV-3), soft spoken, reserved and very charming graduated from the College of Nursing at the University of the Philippines . She was married to her late classmate, Teodoro Maniago (IV-1). They migrated to Los Angeles , California where she worked for many years at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as a registered nurse while her husband was employed as a senior accountant at University of Southern California and as a businessman on the side. She and Ted have four intelligent and responsible children who all graduated in prestigious universities in the USA . The children are Catherine, BS Nursing, Connie, BS Computer Science, Teodoro, Jr., Computer Electronic and Alvin, BS Nursing. She is the Treasurer of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Garner Cruz (IV-4) climbed the corporate ladder of success to become a vice president of Mercury Drug Corporation. He married his co-graduate, the former Iluminada Garcia (IV-4). He did not recover from a fatal illness and died in the nineties. We pray for the repose of his soul! 

Agustin Cuyugan (IV-4), tall, dark and handsome, enlisted in the Philippine National Police and rose to the rank of colonel. He served as Chief of Police of the towns of Guagua and San Fernando , Pampanga. He departed ahead of us at the turn of the 21 st century. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Aurea Dabu (IV-3), radiant and comely, set her heart to pursue a career in pharmacy. She is married to Blanquito Dabu. Their children are Edward (BSC Marketing), Antonio (BS in Architecture), Thomas (BSC Management ), Ma. Theresa (BSC Management) and Bibian (BS in Pharmacy). They reside in Pasig , Rizal.

Dardani David (IV-5) who received his doctorate degree in Medicine is a heart disease specialist in Angeles City . He is married to Aurora G. David and their offsprings are Dardani, Jr. of American Red Cross, Dana Luz, a dentist, Ma. Theresa, a CPA, Ma. Cristina, a Fine Arts graduate and Ma. Cecilia, another dentist in the family.

Eduardo S. David (IV-1), the handsome secret admirer of Zenmar had the ambition of taking Foreign Service as a professional career. He became an executive of Shanghai Banking Corporation in Manila .

Fernando David (IV-2) did not join the Navy as he aimed to but became instead as an airline pilot flying the friendly sky of the universe.

Francisco B. David (IV-6) whose ambition was to become an engineer, married Carmen Medina David and their children are Armstrong, Beverly, Cernan, Edwin, Fury and Gen.

Ireneo S. David (IV-5) whose ambition was to become an airline pilot became instead a successful merchant in San Fernando City . He is no longer with us physically. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Nadinee S. David-Layug (IV-4), the star-athlete in Track and Field, graduated in Midwifery and worked for a few years at a military hospital. She was married to the late Eugene Layug of Lubao, Pampanga. They established a flourishing retail business and an optical company in the city of San Fernando . She migrated to New York City in the USA where she is still professionally employed in the health care industry. She is a Public Relation Officer of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Neciforo R. David (IV-1), the outstanding Air Scouts leader, had the obsession to have a military career. He changed his mind and took up law and became a legal luminary in Metro Manila.

Orlando B. David (IV-3) known for his artistic drawings wanted to become a successful architect. Orling is married to Angelina M. David and they have three children namely, Rinaldi, an electrical engineer, Darni, a civil engineer and Jimmi, an architect. He is a member of the Board of Directors of PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Virgilio M. David (IV-2) whose ambition at graduation day was to be a civil engineer decided to pursue instead an illustrious military career. He graduated from the Philippine Military Academy and rose to the rank of brigadier general. He left the service as commanding general of the Narcotics Command. He served later as National Police Commissioner and chief executive officer of the Philippine Coconut Authority. He is the Vice President for Manila of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association. He is married to the former Eleanor Ong. They have two sons and a daughter.

Tirso D. Dayrit (IV-1), one of San Fernando City 's celebrated sons, married his high school sweetheart and classmate, the former Paulita Bundalian (IV-1). He graduated with high honors from Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila and topped the government board examination for architects. He became a well-known architect and a successful real estate developer. He was an active socio-civic-religious leader and a strong advocate of environmental protection. He chaired the Souvenir Program and Newsletter Committee of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion. He passed away on March 7, 2005 but his legacy of unselfish service to his community continues. The Bundalian-Dayrit children are Anna Marie, BS Economics, Aileen, BS Physical Therapy, Jose Pericles, BS Architecture, Maria Rowena, BS Architecture and Francis Achiles, bachelor degree in Behavioral Science. Like their parents, they are notable in their respective professions and very active in community activities

Adoracion Dizon-Manese (IV-6) known for her feminine charisma, unassuming attitude and kindliness completed a secretarial course at the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC) in Manila . She worked for the Bureau of Forestry in Arayat, Pampanga where she met her husband, Sammy Manese. They settled in Suisun City, California and raised four successful daughters namely, Grace, a BSN graduate and a Registered Nurse; Holly Joy, another BSN graduate and a Registered Nurse; Jane, who received an Associate in Arts diploma and works as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Eileen Leigh who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Communication Arts from the San Francisco State University (SFSU). Adoracion or Doreen as she is now called, retired as a supervisor from Grove Valve and Regulator Company in northern California while her husband, Sammy who took an early retirement from the US Coast Guards in 1976, joined the US Postal Service and retired in 1996. Doreen and Sammy who love ballroom dancing and traveling have also nine beautiful grandchildren.

Romeo Lacson Dizon (IV-1) received an East West Center Scholarship from the US State Department for his Master of Science at the University of Hawaii and a research scholarship from the US Department of Agriculture for his Ph D at the Pennsylvania State University . He is married to retired professor and Dean of the UP College of Home Economics , Angelita R. Mendoza-Dizon. Their children are Tricia, BA Mass Communication, Melissa, BA Clothing Technology and Michael, BS Physics. Romeo is affiliated with the Rotary Club of Makati North, American Chemical Society, Pest Management Council of the Philippines and the Entomological Society of the Philippines .

Romeo G. Dizon (IV-2) aimed to become a lawyer. He is a faculty member of the University of the Philippines in Dilliman, Quezon City . He is an advocate of social justice and a pillar of the movement to uplift the welfare of the poor and the needy.

Catalino Domingo (IV-3) was a premier medical doctor and health consultant at Clark Development Corporation. He was a long-term mayor of the progressive Municipality of Mabalacat , Pampanga. He was married to Dr. Dolores C. Domingo. Their children are Arlyn, a medical doctor and Arnel, a degree holder in Computer Science. He was a former president of the Pampanga Medical Society and was chosen as one of the Most Outstanding Municipal Mayor in 1994 by President Fidel V. Ramos. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Nicostrato Ermitano (IV-2) who set out to be an architect followed the footstep of his dad and became a geodetic engineer (surveyor). He married the former Corazon Dizon and their marriage produced three sons and a daughter namely, George, Gilbert, Gerry and Ma. Cecilia.

Espiridion Estacio, Jr. (IV-3) whose ambition was to become a businessman married Carmen L. Estacio. Their children are Catherine, BS in Industrial Engineering and Rowena, BS in Occupational Therapy.

Asuncion Evangelista-Arrieta (IV-1) who could have been chosen as Miss Congeniality for her feminine sweetness, modesty and kindness, graduated from the University of the East with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and Auditing. She married Tomas Arrieta, a lawyer. They migrated to the windy city of Chicago , Illinois where they raised their three successful sons (Ferdinand, Joselito and John). She practiced her accounting and auditing professions for many years in Chicago . She maintains her CPA licensure in the Philippines and in the State of Illinois . She is the Vice President for the US Midwest of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Natividad Flores-Coronado (IV-3) had also the aspiration of becoming a high school teacher. She is married to Emmanuel M. Coronado and their children are Corazon, BSC, Ruth and Cynthia, BSC. She was a co-chairperson of the Invitation Committee of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Ernesto D. Gagui (IV-1) whose ambition was to become an agriculturist is married to Jaena Z. Gagui. Their children who are all college graduates are Jacqueline, Emerson and Jennifer.

Florentina Garcia (IV-3) married a Manganti and settled in Betis, Guagua, Pampanga. Their two daughters are Ma. Gina and Marife.

Iluminada Garcia-Cruz (IV-4), affectionate and elegant, aspired to become a teacher. She married her classmate, Garner Cruz, who became a vice president of Mercury Drug Corporation. Their children are Amir, Ruena, Cresencia, Garner and Geraldine. Luming is now retired in Oxnard , California .

Purificacion Garcia-Cruz (IV-4), personable and amicable, wished to become a teacher. She is married to Fernando M. Cruz and their children are Frederick, BS in Civil Engineering, Pilar, BS in Commerce and Ferdinand, BS in Industrial Engineering. She co-chaired the Finance and Invitation committees of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Rosita B. Gomez-Pelegrin (IV-6) pursued a Nursing career and married Mr. Pelegrin. They have a son, Ranito, who has a BS degree in Commerce.

Alicia Guevara (IV-7), charming and a typical modern Pilipina, became a Midwife and married Pamfilo Batac, a member of PHS Class 1954.

Ramon T. Guiao (IV-1) graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of the Philippines where he met and married the former Esther Bigonia, a registered nurse who received her BSN degree at the School of Nursing of the same state university. The Guiaos migrated to Cleveland , Ohio in 1962 where he took up his residency in surgery. He retired from the medical profession and keeps himself busy playing golf and involved in other socio-civic-religious activities. The Guiaos have a daughter named Maria, a prominent lawyer in Chicago, Illinois and two sons, Ray, a Jesuit priest and Ron, an orthopedic surgeon in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wilfredo C. Guzman (IV-1), a sports writer and avid basketball fan, completed his bachelor degree in Commerce from the University of the East Manila and became a notable insurance executive. Willie and his wife, Rosa L. Guzman have three children namely; Joel, BS in Electrical Engineering; Rubi, a registered nurse and Juancho, Information Technologist. Willie and Rosa migrated and retired in Cerritos , California .

Ruben Hipolito (IV-5) retired from the United States Navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He married the former Adelaida Cruz, a registered nurse and a beauty queen from Quezon Province . They have four daughters (Rhida - accountant, Lisa - Social Services, Lori - Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, Erika - Physical Therapy) and a son (Edgar - Bachelor of Science in Management) who completed their professional studies in American universities. Ruben and Adelaida own and operate profitable franchise retail stores in Southern California . Active in socio-civic activities, he sits in the Board of Directors of three Kapampangan associations in Los Angeles , California . He is the Vice President for US Southwest of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

 Grace Hizon-Herrera (IV-5) known for her poise, beauty and "Betty Grable" legs, planned to become a nurse but took up banking and finance instead. She and her late husband, Armand Herrera, worked for many years as bank executives at Philippine National Bank. Their marriage was blessed with five children.

Jesus de Jesus (1V-4) got his bachelor's degree in Commerce and migrated with his family to Canada .

Pablo Jimenez (IV-1), famous for playing the violin, graduated with a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila. He retired as a successful insurance executive in Seattle , Washington . He is married to the former Cita Deang and they have two sons namely, Jay, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate from the University of Washington and Neil, who also received a degree in Business Management from the same state university. He is the auditor of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Violeta Kabiling-Miranda (IV-2), another role model for a modern Pilipina, followed the footsteps of her dad to become an educator. She was married to the late Rodolfo B. Miranda, a basketball star at PHS. Their children are Teresa, an Asian Studies degree holder who became a flight stewardess, married a German national and settled in Germany; Jun a BSC graduate and Joel, also a BSC degree recipient. Jun and Joel reside with their respective families in Tennessee USA. Violeta is the Secretary of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Remedios Lacsamana-Bautista (IV-3), the graceful dancer, became a teacher. She is married to her classmate, Ricardo Bautista and raised their family in Metro Manila.

Emmanuel Lacsina (IV-2) graduated from the Institute of Medicine at Far Eastern University in Manila in 1963. He migrated to the USA and married the former Berline Hubbard, a teacher. They have five children and six grandchildren. Emmy is a forensic pathologist in Tacoma , Washington .

Eligio F. Lacson ((IV-4) planned to engage in Commerce. He is married to Rosita G. Canlas and their children are Mophel Rico, a dentist, Marlon, BS Commerce, Milton, BS Commerce, Myronne, BS Industrial Engineering and Melchor, BS Commerce.

Pacifico Lagman (IV-3) was a noted architect, an award-winning artist and a real estate developer in Southern California . He died in December, 2003 after a long and lingering illness.

Simeon Lagman (IV-1), another mechanical engineer, worked for several years for CALTEX. He recently retired and established his engineering consulting services in Metro Manila. He is married to Leonila Sunga Lagman and their children are Annie who has BS degree in Management, Kidie, a dentist and Arthur, a degree holder in Marketing.

Sergio Laus (IV-6) whose ambition was to be a CPA is a self-made multi-millionaire who accumulated his wealth from his auto dealership and other business enterprises. He is married to Rosy N. Laus and their children are Homer, BS Management, Joel (BSC), Jeaurice , BSC and Cherry, BSS. He is a director of the PHS Class1954 Alumni Association.

Hilario Limson (IV-5) whose aspiration was to become a priest is now a resident of San Diego , California .

Amado B. Lugue, Jr. (IV-1) who originally contemplated of becoming a lawyer took up Medicine at the University of the Philippines and at the University of the East in Manila . He is a renowned medical doctor in Clearfield , Pennsylvania specializing in orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine. His wife, Carmela Sala Lugue is also a prominent medical doctor. Their son, Warren George is a Business Administration graduate and their daughter, Carmelita Jasmine is a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. He is the Vice President for US East Coast of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Isabelita V. Lugue-Lorenzo (IV-1), glamorous and very talented, is a prosperous business entrepreneur in Metro Manila.

Wilfredo Lumboy (IV-2) whose initial desire was to be a signal officer turned to business and building construction specializing in iron works. He is married to Rosita Dayrit-Lumboy. There are six Dayrit-Lumboy siblings namely, Wilson, a Civil Engineer, William, a Mechanical Engineer, Wilhelmina, a Commerce graduate, Wilma, a graduate in Finance, Rosalinda, a Nutritionist and Rosario, a graduate in Computer Science. Fred served as president of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion and chaired the Transport Services Committee.

Purita Macapinlac-Carreon (IV-2), soft-spoken and alluring, completed her Bachelor of Science in Home Economics at the University of the Philippines . She was married to Alan Carreon of PHS Class 1955 and they have seven magnificent children namely, Armi, Ariel, Aylene, Annilee, Alan, Jr., Ayres and Allen. She is retired with a good and prosperous life in the city of Lynwood of the state of Washington , USA .

Armando Q. Madamba (IV-1) graduated from the Philippine Military Academy. He also attained the degrees of Master in International Affairs (1970) and Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (1971) from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University in Boston , Massachusetts . In 1987-88 he attended the Naval Command College course for Senior International Officers of the United States Naval War College in Newport , Rhode Island . He retired as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines with the rank of Vice Admiral. After his retirement from the military service, he served as Philippine Ambassador and Executive Director of Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in its Secretariat in Singapore . Budge, as he is popularly known has been appointed by President Gloria Macapagal as director of Clark Development Corporation. He is married to Alma Lloren Madamba, a beauty from the City of Pines . They have two lovely daughters, Michelle and Pamela who graduated from prestigious universities.

Basilisa Magtoto-Mendoza (IV-2), lovely and affectionate, aimed to be a teacher. She is employed by the Bureau of the Internal Revenue. She is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Gabriel Magtoto (IV-3) was an officer of the Philippine National Police Force in San Fernando , Pampanga. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Marciano Magtoto (IV-3) planned to take up Commerce. He is a corporate executive in Manila .

Josefina L. Malang-Hsiao (IV-1), friendly and compassionate, whose heart was set on to be an agriculturist finished her Master of Science degree in 1961 at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna. She took up graduate studies from 1962 to 1972 in West Germany and she migrated with her husband, James Hsiao, to San Francisco , California in 1973. She worked as a manager at St. Luke's Hospital until 1983. She retired as a senior EEG Technician at Kaiser Permanente in the bay area. She is the Secretary of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Eligio Mallari (IV-6) married the former Marcelina Isip of Class 1955, a master teacher and a successful businesswoman. Their marriage produced two daughters namely Marissa, BS Commerce at MLQU and Maricelle, BS Zoology at UP and LLB at MLQU. He earned his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) at MLQU and his Master in Public and Business Management at DLSU. He is a celebrated legal counsel and a businessman dealing in real estate development and construction business. He was a consultant of the National Housing Authority and the Philippine House of Representatives and currently serves as a Human Rights Commissioner of the Philippines . He is an officer of several law practitioners associations and he was the Executive Vice President of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Rosario Manalili-Apostol (IV-3), the stunning PMT Corps Sponsor is a prosperous business entrepreneur. She owns and manages a food processing company specializing in food what Pampangans are famous for. Her marriage with her late husband, Xavier Apostol II produced six successful children (Rita Xarina, a BSC degree holder, Julius Xeres, a graduate in Mass Communication, Maria Rosario, H.R.A., Maria Lourdes, a Speech and Drama graduate, Maria Rita, a graduate in Advertising and Enrique who completed a degree in Commerce. Nette's four daughters inherited her beautiful physical attributes and pleasing personality. Two of them were chosen as Mutya ng Pilipinas (Miss Philippines ). She is a frequent global traveler visiting her children and relatives in Europe and in the USA . She is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Nicodemus Manarang (IV-3), an award-winning artist, graduated with a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in the city of Manila . He owned an advertising company and an art shop in the Philippines prior to his migration to California in 1973 where he established art galleries in San Francisco , California and in Phoenix , Arizona . He married the former Fidela Salas from his hometown of San Fernando , Pampanga. They have three sons (Joseph Nixon, BS Management, Augusto Norman, BA Computer Graphic Arts, Anthony Nun, BS Accounting major) and two daughters (Maria Fe, BS Management and Anna, BS Accounting major).He currently operates an antique business doing repairs, restorations and reproductions in Vallejo , California . He is the Vice President for US Northwest of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Felicisimo C. Manalastas (IV-2) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the East and retired as an auditor at the Philippine Commission on Audit. He is married to Josefina Bognot Manalastas and they have three children namely Madelaine Barbara , BS Computer Engineering, Mary Michelle, BS in Industrial Engineering, and Menardo, BS in Communication Engineering. He is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Teodoro Maniago (IV-1) who planned to enter the legal profession became an accountant, a banker and a business entrepreneur in southern California . He married a co-graduate, the former Francisca Castro (IV-3), a long-term registered nurse of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles , California . The four Castro-Maniago children graduated with distinction from American universities and very successful in their respective professions. He retired as a senior accountant at the University of Southern California . Ted crossed already the Great Beyond. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Loreto Manio-de la Rosa (IV-3), very calm and captivating, had the aspiration to become a teacher. She is married to Romeo de la Rosa and their children are Jaime, BS in Biology, Romeo, Jr, BSC, Nonito, BS in Civil Engineering), Raul, BS in Electrical Engineering and Maria Leticia, BS in Chemistry. She is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Zenaida P. Marin (IV-1), incredibly talented, sociable and very friendly, received her doctorate degree in dental medicine (DMD) at the University of the Philippines . She migrated to the USA and earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at New York University . She also pursued post graduate studies in Pediatric Dentistry at Columbia University . She had a thriving dental practice for many years in New York . She is a clinical professor at the College of Dentistry of New York University . She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Florentina Mendoza (IV-4) planned to be a midwife. She was married to the late Tirso C. Garcia. Their children are Lucila, BSC, Ilona, BS Civil Engineering, Henry, BS Architecture undergraduate, Lourdes , BSC undergraduate and Nany, BS Psychology.

Abelardo C. Miranda, Jr. (IV-1), the wonder boy in Physics who graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila made his millions in business, real estate development and agriculture. He is married to the former Ma. Luz Lising, a CPA and their marriage is blessed with two children, Ma. Theresa and Abelardo III. He is the Executive Vice President of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Ofelia Miranda-Domingo (IV-6) whose ambition was to be a nurse is married to George Domingo. Their children are Grace, Gilbert, Godfrey, Glen, Rosario and Divina.

Rosario R. Miranda-Gajo (IV-1), amicable and intelligent, received her bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila . She and John Gajo, an engineer, are joined in matrimony. She and her family moved to Belleville , New Jersey where she was employed in a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firm. She and her husband enjoy their retirement in their new ranch in Iloilo .

Belen M. Morales-Espinoza (IV-1), very reserved and an epitome of a modern Pilipina - articulate and very smart, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. She is a former treasurer, member of the Board of Trustees and a professor of management at the University of the Assumption in San Fernando City . She is married to former San Fernando City Vice Mayor Agapito Espinoza, a CPA and valedictorian of PHS Class 1953. The happy couple has a lucrative commercial enterprise and a farm in Pampanga. The Morales-Espinoza children are Maria Agnes, MD from UERMMC specializing in cosmetic surgery in the Philippines, Abel, MS in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California and a Ph D in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania and works as a plant director in California, Beda, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College and a MBA from UC Irvine and he is employed as a chief mechanical engineer in California , Leo, BS Electrical Engineering, 5 th Placer in government board examination for electrical engineers and MBA from the University of the Philippines and works as the head of the information division of a company located in Hague, Netherlands, Maria Lourdes, BS Management and MBA from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and she is a director for the Asian Region based in Hongkong, Elmer, a medical doctor, EENT/Surgeon in the Philippines and Ma. Gaye Agatha, BS in Economics from UP and MBA at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and is connected with US AID based at the Ateneo University in Manila . Belen is the president of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Conrado Morales (IV-4) who wanted to be a pilot joined the United States Navy. He married Encarnacion Palanca of PHS Class 1955 and made their permanent residence in the USA .

Corazon Navarro-Mallari (IV-1), an accomplished pianist and endowed with natural elegance was a career employee of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. She was married to her late classmate, Jesus Mallari, a journalist and a public relation officer of the municipal government of San Fernando , Pampanga when he was still alive. The Navarro-Mallari children are Cheryl Lourdes, a doctor of medicine, Russell Joseph, a dentist, Franzlistzt Ferdinand, an architect and Mitchell Patrick, a computer/electronics engineer. She co-chaired the Eucharistic Celebration Committee of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion. Zon is a frequent traveler visiting her children and other relatives residing in the USA .

Augusto Nepomuceno (IV-2) whose ambition was to be a mechanical engineer is no longer with us physically but his spirit and enthusiasm for the good life is always with us. We pray for the repose of his soul! 

Andres Ocampo (IV-1), known for his compassion and perseverance, received his law degree. He is now a five-star attorney-at-law in Manila .

Jose B. Oliveros (IV-1), the Tagalog novelist and a romantic poet, had the ambition of joining the Foreign Service. He became an executive assistant at the San Fernando mayor's office and a liberal arts faculty member at the University of Assumption in San Fernando , Pampanga. Joe is married to the former Teresita M. Viray. Their children are Maria Rita Fe, a graduate in Environmental Planning, Florencia Maria Luz, a degree holder in Clothing Technology, Venancio Jose Maria, a graduate in Philosophy, Beda Leo Benedict, a graduate in Industrial Management, Maria Regina Assumpta, a medical doctor, Anna Maria Jocelyn, a graduate in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Maria Czarina Cecilia, an Industrial Engineer. Joe is a member of the Board of Directors of PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Dolores Pabustan-Rodriguez (IV-4), quiet but always alert, pretty and with a ready smile to anyone had the noble ambition of becoming a registered nurse switched to pharmacy. She is married to former Congressman and current San Fernando City Mayor Oscar Rodriguez of PHS Class 1963. Their children are Raissa Romina, a lawyer, Oscar, Jr.Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Orson, a medical doctor, Lualhati, bachelor degree in Accountancy and Omar, bachelor degree in Political Science. She is the Treasurer of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Eduardo Pabustan (IV-2) whose objective at high school commencement was to be a diplomat became a noted mechanical engineer. He worked in Asian countries such as Laos and Vietnam until he settled with his family in Calgary , Alberta , Canada . He married his co-graduate, the former Crescencia Deang (IV-6), a midwife who dedicated a long career in the health industry. The Deang-Pabustan children who all earned their college degrees in Canadian institutions of higher learning are Chito, Architecture, Eduardo Jr, Social Science, Chona, Insurance Underwriting and Credo, Petroleum Technology. All of them are successful in their respective professional careers. Ed is a member of the Board of Directors of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Amado Pamintuan (IV-2) became a practicing CPA and a member of the accounting faculty of a college in San Fernando , Pampanga.

Florino G. Pamintuan (IV-1) graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila . He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and at Wayne State University College of Medicine and Detroit Receiving Hospital in Michigan . He had fellowships at Cornell University and at the Cardiovascular Institute of Michael Reese Medical Center in Chicago , Illinois where he was also an attending physician. He was also connected with Hammond Clinic in Munster , Indiana as a medical practitioner. Although retired in Sedona , Arizona , he accepted a visiting lecturer position at New York College of Health Professions where his daughter, Lisa E. Pamintuan, JD, is the college president. Poy is married to Ellis Doran Pamintuan and their two other children are Sean, a lawyer and Anna Caitlin, a computer engineer. He is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.  

Romeo V. Pamintuan (IV-4) completed his Bachelor of Science in Commerce at the University of Sto . Tomas in Manila and married a public school teacher, the former Magdalena P. Danganan. Their marriage is blessed with a daughter named Abigail. Romy served as a municipal councilor, vice mayor and town mayor of Apalit and a consultant at Clark Development Corporation. He is an influential local politician and very active in socio-civic religious activities. He is a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Leonardo Pangan (IV-3) whose aspiration was to become a mechanical engineer was engaged in environmental engineering services. He lives with his family in Cerritos , California .

Jorge Perez (IV-5) who aspired to become an Artist after his high school graduation, completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and Auditing. He joined the government service and rose from the ranks to become Assistant Commissioner of the Commission on Audit of the Republic of the Philippines .

Rene Pineda (IV-4) who planned to become a medical doctor like his father, moved with his family to Southern California

Bienvenido Pinpin (IV-1) obtained his bachelor's degree in Commerce and got employed in the marketing industry. He was also an aspiring actor and was chosen as one of the ten most handsome young men in the movie industry in the late fifties. Ben is no longer with us. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Benjamin S. Policarpio is married to Basilia D. Mendoza of Class 1955. The hard working spouses have successful ten living children and most of them completed their college education. They are Nina, Computer Programming, Bernadette, BSC, Lourdes , BSC, Homer, a Catholic Priest, MGCS, Joseph, Automotive, Theresa, BSE, Carmel , BS Nursing, Anne Ailis, BS Nursing, Maridad and Teresita.

Dionisio Polintan (IV-5), debonair and good-looking, is a career chief executive officer of the San Fernando Water District. He is married to the former Linda del Rosario and their children are Serge, BS Computer Science, Hershey, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Toblerone, BS Engineering and Almond, Computer Science. He is a past president and current director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association. 

Napoleon Punsalan (IV-2) did not list his ambition on graduation day. He is a medical doctor and lives with his family in New York .

Orlando Punsalan (IV-5) who died of cardiac arrest in January 2005 was musically talented and gifted with a golden voice. He was a nationally known broadcaster, TV producer and media executive in the Philippines . He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy at San Jose Seminary and in Theology at San Carlos Seminary. He also took up graduate studies in TV Broadcasting in Hilversum , Holland . He was the station manager of Radio Veritas who called for public support during the 1986 Edsa I revolution against the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos and he was a recipient of the Edsa People Power Freedom Award in February 2000. Prior to joining Radio Veritas in 1976, he was a broadcaster of Channel 4. He was also an executive and producer at ABS-CBN and taught broadcasting at San Juan de Letran, University of Perpetual Help in Cavite and at Southville International School in Las Pinas, Metro Manila. His first wife was the late broadcaster and movie actress, Helen Vela and their two children are TV and popular movie actress, Princess Punsalan and Paolo Punsalan. He is also survived by his second wife, Pilar Punsalan and their daughter, Meg.

Hector Quiambao received his degree in Business Administration from the University of the East in Manila . He married the former Paulina Principe, a chemistry graduate from the University of the Philippines . Their marriage is blessed with three children. The eldest among the tree siblings, Hector Jr. is a minister of the Four Square Church in California . The second offspring, Anna Linette is a dental hygiene graduate from University of Southern California and the youngest daughter, Tricia Marie is a graphics designer. Hector is now retired but works part time in southern California .

Efipania Ramos-Garcia (IV-3), identified with her classic beauty and athletic ability, had the wish of serving humanity. She was the subject of a lovely poem entitled "MY ERA" published in "The Pampangan". She resides in California where a married daughter and her family have a home.

Herminia Reyes-Cadayona (IV-4), very delightful to look at and a good friend to have, listed her ambition "To be a teacher". She and her family live in Marikina , Rizal.

Honorio Reyes (IV-1), whose strong desire was to become a lawyer, became a hotel accounting/financial executive in Washington D.C. He retired in the Philippines but died in an accident in 1998 while supervising the construction of his new home in Guagua, Pampanga. May he rest in peace!

Teresita Salazar-Tungol (IV-4) whose ambition was to have a degree in Commerce, resides with her family in northern California.

Vladimir Sampang (IV-2) who wanted to be an agriculturist was a political activist during the seventies through the eighties. Vladimir worked for the Region III Office of the Department of Labor of the Philippines . His life was cut short. May he rest in peace!

Aurora Sangalang-Salas (IV-1), the high-profile flight nurse to be on graduation day, earned a degree in Nursing at the University of the Philippines . She was married to a civil engineer, the late Eufronio Salas. They settled in Ventura , California where she worked for many years as a pediatric nurse and her husband had architecture and contracting business on the side while employed as a civil engineer for the County of Ventura 's Flood Control Department until he died in 1996. Their only daughter, Maria Lourdes received a Master's Degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. Marie works for the California Department of Health Services. Aurora is a Public Relation Officer of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Bernardo Santos (IV-2) who thought of becoming a missionary is now a prominent businessman in San Fernando City in Pampanga. He is married to Bibian Quizon and their marriage produced a daughter, Ma.Patricia who is still in high school and a son, Mikhail Gerby who is still attending elementary school. He co-chaired the Physical Arrangement & Decoration committee PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion.

Julieta Santos-Jingco (IV-4), the well-endowed and attractive beauty queen owns and manages a department store in Guagua, Pampanga. She is married to David C. Jingco, Jr. and their marriage is blessed with a son, Edwin who completed a degree in Commerce. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Olivia Santos-Escanillas (IV-2), gifted with an enchanting personality and effortless beauty, had the plan to become a private secretary. She is married to Cristing A. Escanillas and their four children are Arlene Teresa, BS Commerce, Maria Elissa, BS Commerce, Noel John, BS Computer Engineering and Paolo, BS in Social Science. She returned to the Philippines to retire in Manila after residing several years in Forest Park , Illinois.

Ricardo Santos (IV-7) retired from the administrative staff of Pampanga Sugar Development Company, Inc. He was married to the late Milagros de Jesus Santos . Their six children are Armel, Arlyn, Alvin, Arnold, Allea and Alexis.

Paz Sicat (IV-2), mysterious and very charming, did not reveal her ambition on graduation day but she pursued a long career in the teaching profession. She served as the hard-working secretary of the PHS Class 1954 Golden Jubilee Grand Reunion and co-chaired the Invitation Committee.

Alejandro S. Singian Sr. (IV-6) had the ambition of becoming a military officer. He pursued instead a career in the construction industry. He married his co-graduate, Jesusa Laquindanum (IV-5). Their marriage is blessed with seven children namely; Alex (Construction Industry), Jose (Transportation Industry), Lourdes (BS in Agriculture), Grace (BS in Agriculture), Wilma (BS Nursing undergraduate), Clemencia Susan (BS in Industrial Engineering) and Alejandro Jr. (BS in Medical Technology). Alejandro Sr. and Jesusa L. Singian migrated to the USA and reside now in Montezuma , Georgia.

Isidro C. Singian married Narcisa D. Singian and their marriage is blessed with a son, Edwin, a medical doctor and a daughter, Edna, a degree holder in Tourism from the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila.

Cresencio C. Sioco (IV-4) listed his ambition as a radio technician but he turned out to be a creative toy designer, a toy manufacturer and general merchant.

Severino B. Sitchon (IV-6) was an outstanding officer for many years of the Police Force in San Simon, Pampanga.

Honorato S. Suba (IV-2), born with a golden voice and good looks tried his luck of becoming a movie star and stage actor. He is married to Juanita Sicat (IV-6), a prosperous businesswoman. Their children are Susan, Romel, Lorena and Randy. Ronnie is a lay speaker of the United Methodist Church and a Bible Study teacher.

Fortunato Sunga (IV-2), a noted mechanical engineer, resides with his family in St. Claire Shore, Michigan USA. He is married to Magdalena Isip Sunga and their children are Enrico, BS Commerce, Edgar , AB Commercial Art, and Mary Clarissa, BS in Interior Design. Recently retired, he and his wife own a second home in San Fernando , Pampanga. He is the Liaison Officer to the Philippines of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association USA-Canada Chapter.

Paulino Tadique (IV-1), who wanted to become a physician changed his mind and studied Accounting and Auditing. A CPA by choice, he is connected with the Central Bank of the Philippines .

Abelardo Tolentino (IV-2) is a big-time CPA. He and his brother Joaquin Tolentino, also a CPA, have a big accounting and management-consulting firm in Metro Manila.

Edelwina Vargas (IV-7) whose primary goal was to become a nurse settled in Chicago , Illinois . 

Pedro Vargas, Jr. (IV-4) received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He retired from the Department of Public Works of the Philippines and migrated to Honolulu , Hawaii.

Jose L. Velez (IV-1), a gentleman and a scholar, a leader with a commanding voice, realized his dream of becoming a wealthy businessman. Joe is married to Lina F. Velez and their children are Maria Jocelyn, a medical doctor, Maria Elissa, a lawyer, Michael John, a businessman, Pierre. J.F., an architect, Antonio, an Arcade Games Proprietor, and Jose Lorenzo, a 4th year college student. He is the president of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines , Pampanga Chapter and a director of the PHS Class 1954 Alumni Association.

Jose Viray (IV-4) received his doctorate degree in Medicine and practices his profession in the USA.

Manolito Vitug (IV-2) took up Commerce and became a bank manager in California.

Jesus A. Yangco (IV-1) received his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. He was employed as chief chemist of the Pampanga Sugar Development Company in San Fernando , Pampanga. His life on earth had been cut short already. We pray for the repose of his soul!

Pedro Yuson (IV-2) is a well-accomplished physician in Bloomingdale , Illinois , USA.

Iluminada Zapanta (IV-1), calm and very cheerful, owned a dressmaking shop in San Fernando City . It is sad to know that she passed away already. We pray for the repose of her soul!

Rodolfo Zapanta (IV-2), whose ambition was to become a surgeon, resides in northern California.


About the Authors:

Andro and Tess Z. Camiling are conscientious researchers and writers of Kapampangan history, language and culture. They wrote “Pampanga: History and Culture", "Pampanga: Towns and Barangays", "The Province of Pampanga and Its People” and other articles including “Malay Relation With Kapampangan Language and Culture”, "Spanish Relation With Kapampangan Language and Culture", biographies of eighteen (18) famous Kapampangans and the history of the towns of Apalit, Lubao, Masantol, Mexico, Minalin, San Fernando, San Luis, San Simon and Santo Tomas of the Province of Pampanga, Philippines. Andro is a true-blue Kapampangan based in California USA where he was employed and retired as an accounting/financial director at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and practiced his CPA profession as a management and tax consultant. He is a Pampanga High School Centennial Awardee as an Outstanding Alumnus in the Field of Accountancy and a recipient of the City of San Fernando’s 2011 Outstanding Fernandino Award for Culture. His wife and co-author of the aforementioned articles, the former Teresita Manalansan Zuniga of Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines is a retired public school teacher in Pasadena, California. She was honored and awarded with Certificates of Recognition by the California State Assembly and the California State Senate for her outstanding dedication to teaching when she retired in 2003. Andro and Tess are dedicated socio-civic-religious leaders in their community and served as long-term presidents of their town non-profit charitable organizations in the USA.