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The Town of Apalit, Pampanga
by Alejandro S. Camiling, CPA with Teresita Z. Camiling, BSE, MA

The parish church of Apalit, Pampanga

The Apalit Catholic Church

Among the adventurous Malayan immigrants at the beginning of the 14th century who settled along the banks of Rio Grande de la Pampanga were the ancestors of many Apalitenos. These early settlers had an advanced civilization whose arts and culture reached the Zambales mountains and the rest of Central Luzon.

At the time Apalit was settled, there was a big sturdy tree "Ptero-Carpus Indicus" or Apalit (also known as Narra) in Kapampangan at the present site of the Catholic Parish Church of Saint Peter. Apparently, the town got its name from that big legendary tree which is now the national tree of the Philippines.

Apalit was formally established as an independent municipality in 1582 during the term of office of Spanish Governor General Gonzalo Ronquillo de Penalosa. It was initially composed then of four encomiendas namely, Apali (Pale), La Castilla, Cabambangan and Capalangan. La Castilla was made the town proper (Poblacion) and was renamed later as San Juan Nepomuceno.

List of Apalit Municipal Town Executives/Mayors 1713 - Present

Years Name Years Name
2007 - Present Oscar Tetangco, Jr. 1810 Marcelo Nabal
1995 - 2007 Tirso G. Lacanilao 1809 Pablo Mercado
1983 - 1994 Oscar Tetangco 1808 Domingo Ponce
1979 - 1982 Romeo V. Pamintuan 1807 Juan Serrano
1972 - 1978 Oscar Tetangco 1806 Agustin Cabrera
1964 - 1971 Honorio Mercado 1805 Vicente Ponca
1955 - 1963 Alfonso Lugue 1804 Vicente Atienza
1952 - 1954 Moises Catacutan 1803 Pablo Torres
1948 - 1951 Cornelio Sigua 1802 Vicente Cabrera
1947 Emilio Pascual 1801 Juan Arcilla
1946 Manuel Reyes 1800 Feliciano Manangquil
1945 Patricio Tanjutco 1799 Fernando Gutierrez
1944 Miguel Catacutan 1798 Alejandro Gutierrez
1943 Sotero Garcia 1797 Nicolas Bautista
1938 - 1942 Patricio Tanjutco 1796 Tomas Lacandula
1935 - 1937 Cornelio Sigua 1795 Francisco Binuya
1932 - 1934 Dionisio David 1794 Diego Mercado
1931 Roman Balagtas 1793 Pablo Zaplala
1929 - 1930 Pablo Pungsalang 1792 Francisco Binuya
1924 - 1928 Ricardo Dalusung 1791 Juan Manlapaz
1924 Ricardo Dalusung 1790 Martin Carlos Padilla
1917 - 1923 Vicente Cacnio 1789 Alejo Pangan
1913 - 1916 Cayetano Arnedo 1788 Domingo Dungca
1908 - 1912 Tiburcio Mercado 1787 Pedro Cabrera
1902 - 1907 Cayetano Arnedo 1786 Bernabe de la Cruz
1900 - 1901 Macario Arnedo 1785 Pablo Binuya
1899 Casimiro Medina 1784 Pedro Joaquin
1898 Cayetano Dalusung 1783 Lucas Pungsalang
1897 Casimiro Medina 1782 Gregorio Alejo
1896 Luis Espiritu 1781 Leonardo Mamangun
1895 Eleuterio Pascual 1780 Fausto Binuya
1893 - 1894 Domingo Carlos 1779 Blashite Balagtas
1891 - 1892 Francisco Pascual 1778 Matias Bolus
1889 - 1890 Cayetano Dalusung 1777 Estanislao Pagpayo
1887 - 1888 Eleuterio Pascual 1776 Francisco Pangan
1885 - 1886 Pedro Espiritu 1775 Pablo Dungca
1883 - 1884 Balbino Mercado 1774 Felipe Cuyugan
1881 - 1882 Paulino Dalusung 1773 Agustin Gutierrez
1879 - 1880 Francisco Vergara 1772 Simon de Torres
1876 - 1878 Braulio Pangan 1771 Nicolas Ventura
1875 Vicente Enriquez 1770 Marcos Manangquil
1873 - 1874 Leon Timbol 1769 Jose Binuya
1871 - 1872 Jose Medina 1768 Agustin Soliman
1869 - 1870 Antonio Garcia 1767 Felipe Zaplala
1867 - 1868 Pedro Espiritu 1766 Jose Mariano
1865 - 1866 Alberto Dalusung 1765 Pedro Arceo
1863 - 1864 Crisanto Mercado 1764 Bonifacio Pungsalang
1862 Ignacio Balboa 1763 Jose Umali Centeno
1861 Juan Arnedo Cruz 1762 Nicolas Ventura
1860 Bernardino Dalusung 1761 Juan Bautista de Tabora
1859 Joaquin de la Cruz 1760 Pablo Binuya
1857 - 1858 Jose Sioco 1759 Tiburcio Padilla
1856 Manuel de la Cruz 1758 Geronimo Padilla
1855 Mariano Enriquez 1757 Lorenzo Manangquil
1854 Cayetano Dalusung 1756 Nicolas Pungsalang
1853 Lauriano Vergara 1755 Nicolas Tolentino
1852 Nicasio Vergara 1754 Pedro Yumul
1851 Tiburcio ? 1753 Jose Payabyab
1850 Florentino Yumul 1752 Marcos Cabrera
1849 Francisco Mercado 1751 Agustin Gamboa
1848 Cayetano Pascual 1750 Alfonso Patiang
1847 Jose Esteban Yamson 1749 Pedro Catu
1846 Francisco Dungca 1748 Dionisio Pangan
1845 Mariano Cabrera 1747 Marcos Cudia
1844 Geronimo Yumul 1746 Adriano Lumba
1843 Ceferino Lopez 1745 Agustin Torres
1842 Pedro Balboa Enriquez 1744 Lorenzo Manangquil
1841 Pedro Mamangun 1743 Pedro Pangan
1840 Paulo Carlos 1742 Diosdado Pungsalang
1839 Florentino de la Cruz 1741 Bernabe Nocum
1838 Pedro Cabrera 1740 Jose Arceo
1837 Miguel Cuyugan 1739 Pedro Cortez
1836 Luis Dungca 1738 Diosdado Pungsalang
1835 Vicente Yumul 1737 Gregorio Nocum
1834 Juan Macalino 1736 Pedro Cortez
1833 Jose Macapagal 1735 Juan Cudia
1832 Manuel Ponce 1734 Agustin de la Cruz
1831 Guillermo Yambao 1733 Lucas Catu
1830 Juan de la Cruz 1732 Juan Cudia
1829 Jose Sioco 1731 Agustin de la Cruz
1828 Feliciano Pangan 1730 Cristobal Maggalas
1827 Ambrosio Pungsalang 1729 Miguel Binuya
1826 Juan Serrano 1728 Juan Patio
1825 Felix Marcelo Garcia 1727 Juan Mancani
1824 Pedro Bonduc 1726 Francisco Simbulan
1823 Felipe Garcia Timbol 1725 Pedro Pungsalang
1822 Pantaelon Tenensa 1724 Diego Mercado
1821 Manuel Lumba 1723 Juan Capulong
1820 Fulgencio de la Cruz 1722 Jacinto Tria
1819 Pablo Mercado 1721 Lucas Pungsalang
1818 Isidro Ponce 1720 Nicolas Tupay
1817 Anastacio Pablo Yabut 1719 Esteban Ramos
1816 Mariano Pangan 1718 Santiago Vergara
1815 Marcelo Nabal 1717 Baltazar Catu
1814 Pedro Mercado 1716 Lucas Catu
1813 Jacinto Pangan 1715 Jose Samonte
1812 Pantaleon Atienza 1714 Francisco Canda
1811 Victorio Sarmiento 1713 Juan Cudia

It was not until 1597 when the Apalit Parish of Saint Peter was created after its separation from the Parish of Calumpit. Fr. Pedro de Vergara was appointed as the first Parish Priest to attend to the spiritual needs of the Catholic community of Apalit. In conjunction with the annual town fiesta, the traditional fluvial parade of Saint Peter was initiated by Capitan del Pueblo Don Pedro Armayan Espiritu on June 28, 1844.

The town of Apalit is located in the southern part of Pampanga bounded in the south by Calumpit, Bulacan, in the north by the town of San Simon and in the west by the municipality of Macabebe.

With about 72 square kilometers in land area, the town of Apalit has a population of about 78,295 people (per the year 2000 census) in its twelve barangays. The twelve barangays of Apalit are:

Barangays of Apalit
Balucuc Colgante San Vicente
Calantipe Paligue Sucad
Cansinala Sampaloc Sulipan
Capalangan San Juan Tabuyuc

Barrio Capalangan which derived its name from the Kapampangan word "Palang" meaning machete or bolo is believed to have been founded by the son of a certain Gatbonton named Pangpalung who in his in youth was called Macapagal. This barangay was the home of Panday Pira, the first known Filipino maker of cannons. He manufactured cannons called lantakas for the troops of Rajah Soliman and after the Spanish conquest of Manila, he worked for Adelantado and Governor General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

Puerto Sulipan was once the haven of Philippine high society and elite circles of the rich and famous in politics and in business during the time of Capitan del Pueblo Don Joaquin Arnedo-Cruz and his beautiful and highly sophisticated wife, Dona Maria de la Paz Sioco y Arnedo-Cruz. Their palatial home was the venue of big parties attended by high government officials from Manila and European royalty. Their son Don Macario Arnedo, a four-term elected governor of Pampanga during the early years of the 20th century continued with his wife Dona Maria Espiritu Arnedo the traditional luxurious banquets and balls in barrio Sulipan. The people of Sulipan are famous for their exquisite cuisine which they acquired from Spanish and European chefs while Spanish ships were anchored in Puerto Sulipan for repairs and maintenance. Don Emilio Gonzalez, Capitan Juan Padilla, Anacleto Indiongco, Barrio Chieftain Simeon Torres-Simon and his four younger brothers, Lorenzo, Isaac, Miguel and Francisco Simon were among these Apaliteños who mastered the art of Spanish and European cooking and baking which have been carried by Kapampangans from generation to generation.

Apaliteños are also noted for their cottage industries such as weaving of cloth, mats, hats, pottery and metal working in gold, iron and silver. Many Apalitenos work as tailors in Manila and some of them own and manage their own shops and mens stores such as the late Atty. Amado Carlos of Toppers of Manila, Lorenzo K. Guarin, married to an Apalitena, the founder of L. K. Guarin Tailoring and Mens Wear and Remigio Danganan of Remars Tailoring and Fashion Shop.

Apalit is also a farming and fishing town. However, during the last few years, commercial and manufacturing firms have been established in this town. Among these manufacturing corporations are two large alcohol refineries and a big depot of a multi-national oil corporation in sitio Alauli of barrio San Vicente. Several banking institutions, shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants are also flourishing in the business area of the town.

Among many famous Apaliteños who distinguished themselves in the 20th century are the following:

Judge Fulgencio Anicete - An alumnus of FEU who was a working student when he finished law. He was also a former associate of  Geminiano Yabut Law Offices and was married to the former Naty J. Catacutan with whom he has three children; Alexander a PMA graduate and retired as a Colonel in the Philippine Marine, now a lawyer and connected with Cebu Pacific as a Commercial Pilot; Charlemagne a doctor of Medicine and Anna Marie who is in banking and finance. Judge Anicete served the Philippine Government, first as COMELEC Registrar in Apalit and was appointed in the Judiciary as Circuit Municipal Judge until his retirement at the compulsory age of 70 years.   He was active in community, civic and religious affairs in Apalit during his lifetime and has served in various capacities with the Apalit Town Annual Fiesta.

Governor Macario Arnedo -  The celebrated illustrado who was instrumental for the transfer of the capital of Pampanga from Bacolor to San Fernando and for the rapid development of agriculture, sugar manufacturing and commerce. 

Dr. Mariano Dungca Bayani - Widely known as a general practitioner in medicine, Dr. Bayani was both a licensed pharmacist and a medical doctor. He graduated with a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Santo Tomas and earned also his doctorate degree in medicine from the same institution in Manila. He specialized in pulmonary diseases (TB) at the Quezon Institute and later set up his medical practice in his hometown of Apalit while serving also as a municipal health officer. Well recognized in the medical and social circles and in civic activities, he was elected as president of the Pampanga Medical Society. His wife led the Pampanga Chapter of the Philippine National Red Cross for many years.

Fr. Gregorio Binuya - Another prominent Apaliteno  who dedicated his life to the priesthood in different parishes in Pampanga and became famous in the Cursillos Movement as a spiritual director and lecturer.

Honorable Artemio Camaya Macalino - Championed the cause of the poor, served as congressman of the second district of Pampanga and Executive Judge of the Court of Agrarian Relations.

Brigadier General Narciso M. Cabrera - Manila Chief of Police.

Bert Simon Camiling - Popular socio-civic and labor leader; local radio station musical director; member of national award-winning musical group and dubbed as one of the best guitarists Pampanga has ever produced. Nominated for the Governor's Award for Outstanding Kapampangan Guitarist but died of cardiac failure in October, 1993.

Theresa Camiling-GutierrezTheresa Zuñiga Camiling-Gutierrez - Born in the City of San Fernando in the Province of Pampanga, Philippines and with heritage in the three towns of Lubao, Apalit and Bacolor in the same province, she is a pride of Filipino-Americans for her scholastic and outstanding professional accomplishments. As an active community organizer and  strong advocate of the propagation of her native language and culture, she founded the Philippine-American Youth Association in the cities of Altadena and Pasadena, California. She was the first Filipino-American Field Office Director of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Chairperson of the Federal Executive Board of Greater Los Angeles.

Prior to assuming the role of Los Angeles Field Office Director in December 2003, Theresa was the Field Office Director for the Santa Ana, California HUD Office, and had been a Project Director for a real estate auction marketing firm, a Marketing Vice President, a commercial and residential Real Estate Agent, and the head of a nonprofit housing organization. The spirit she brought to HUD’s Los Angeles Office and Santa Ana, California HUD Field Office magnified her efforts to support low-income families as they strive to live the American Dream. As an Environmental Health Specialist with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services she investigated and issued Notices of Violations of health and safety codes in the arena of Housing as well as retail food handling.
Educated at the University of Southern California, Theresa had served on the boards of several nonprofit housing organizations throughout Southern California. She joined HUD in 1999 as a Community Builder Fellow and graduated from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Executive Management Program. After her fellowship, she became a career Community Builder and was promoted later to Senior Community Builder for the Santa Ana, California HUD Office. In April of 2002, she was selected as the Santa Ana, California Field Office Director and then transferred to the Los Angeles, California HUD Field Office in 2003. For her outstanding achievements as a US federal governmental agency executive, she was recognized and awarded plaques of appreciation by the Inspector General of the US Department  of Housing and Urban Development, the United States Office of Personnel Management in Washington DC and by the Federal Executive Board of Greater Los Angeles.

Atty. Restituto Capulong - A Pampanga High School Centennial Awardee for Government Service is a noted lawyer-politician who served as a member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) representing the 4th District of Pampanga in 1992-1998. He was also a director and corporate secretary of Clark Development Corporation, Managing Director of Mondragon Leisure Estate (Mimosa) and Officer-In-Charge of CDC Special Project for Resort Operations. In addition to his current law practice, he is also corporate secretary of JCET Resources Mining Corporation and Microminerals Resources Mining Corporation as well as Director-President of Pampanga III Electric Cooperative (PELCO III).

Dr. Vicente Catacutan - Internationally-known socio-civic-religious leader, former Provincial Board Member, founding president of the Apalit Small Christian Community Hospital (ASCOM) and recipient of a Papal Award "Equitem Ordinis Sancti Silvestre".

Honorable Carmen Espiritu Cruz de Sexton served as a Philippine Ambassador.

Don Ernesto Escaler - A notable business magnate; chief executive officer of Resource Finance Corporation; secretary-treasurer of PASUDECO and CEO of Pepsi Cola, Philippines, Inc.

Bishop Federico Escaler, S.J. - He was ordained to the priesthood on June 19, 1954 at the Fordham Chapel in Fordham, New York City and became a bishop on July 31, 1976 at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. He served as Bishop Ordinary of Prelature of Kidapawan. He was once the Assistant to Jesuit Provincial, Superior in La Ignaciana Retreat House, President and Rector of the Ateneo de Davao in Davao City, Treasurer of Jesuit Province in Manila, and became the President and Rector of Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City.

Don Jose Escaler - A top-notch lawyer, educator, industrial and business executive. He was the first president and general manager of PASUDECO, first Filipino assistant director of Education, Undersecretary of Justice and a member of the Board of Regents and acting president of the University of the Philippines.

Atty. Jose A. Espiritu - Professor and Dean of the College of Law of the University of the Philippines.

Dr. Remedios E. Galang - A medical graduate of the University of the Philippines and first woman councilor of Apalit and co-founder of two private schools in Apalit and San Luis.

Col. Ricardo Galang - Author, graduate school dean and World War II hero who fought the Japanese Imperial Forces. He established an Allied Forces Espionage network during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and maintained  a military liaison with General Douglas MacArthur in Australia. 

Dr. Ricardo Espiritu Galang, PhD - Famous anthropologist, distinguished professor, author and former chairman of the Anthropology Department of the University of the Philippines.

Ambassador Hermenigildo B. Garcia - A linguist and career diplomat. He rose from the ranks to the position of Ambassador of the Philippines.

Brother Andrew Gonzalez - Former Secretary of Education, author, former president of De La Salle University and Manila Bulletin and primary donor for the construction and operation of Apalit Small Christian Community Hospital.

Don Augusto Gonzalez y Sioco - Successful industrial executive, lawyer, philanthropist who donated the present site and the Apalit Municipal Government building, co-founder of Pampanga Sugar Development Co., Inc. and one of the most prominent and wealthy Kapampangans during his lifetime. Gonzalez couple

Dr. Bienvenido M. Gonzalez - A brilliant educator and former president of the University of the Philippines.

Don Fausto Gonzalez y Sioco - Generous philanthropist and a distinguished member of the Philippine National Assembly in the 1930s. Don Fausto was also known in Europe and in America as "Count of Apalit".

Dr. Fernando S. Gonzalez - Eldest son of Dr. Joaquin and Dona Florencia Sioco Gonzalez who followed the footsteps of his famous father in the medical profession and became an efficient public health officer in Pampanga, La Union and Rizal. Through self-study he became proficient in foreign languages such as German, Italian, Malay, Sanskrit, etc. He was an artist, a playwright and coin and stamp collector. He married Dona Clementina Elizalde, a beautiful and intelligent teacher from the prominent and wealthy Elizalde clan and they settled in San Luis, Pampanga. As a landowner, he was down to earth and loved by his tenants and by their families.

Gene Gonzalez - Nephew of Brother Andrew Gonzalez, famous book author in culinary arts, entrepreneur and owner of popular restaurants in Metro Manila, a high class caterer and an Asian Games champion in fencing.

Dr. Jesus S. Gonzalez - Second eldest son of Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez and Dona Florencia Sioco Gonzalez. Like his dad and elder brother, he became also a famous medical doctor who had four years of post graduate medical training as a pediatrician in Munich, Germany and he was the only doctor at one time in the whole nation who could perform a procedure called "intubation" whereby a tube is placed in the trachea to let the patient breathe. 

Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez - Pampanga Representative to the Malolos Congress and first rector of Universidad Cientifico-Literaria de Filipinas, the forerunner of the University of the Philippines.

Atty. Almario de JesusAtty. Almario de Jesus - The third child of the eleven children of former Councilor of Apalit, Andres V. de Jesus and the former Rosa Castillo who attended Jose Escaler Memorial School in his hometown of Apalit, Pampanga. He worked at Camp John Hay at the City of Pines while pursuing his college education at Baguio Colleges. A brilliant student and outstanding public speaker and debater, he graduated from Baguio Colleges with a Bachelor of Laws degree and passed the bar examination in 1965. He set up his law practice in Manila handling legal cases for Guacods Marine Terminal, Luzon Stevedoring Corporation and multi-national oil corporations such as Arco, Amoco and Superior Oil of Houston Texas. He was also appointed by the Philippine Supreme Court as a Legal Aid Lawyer in Pampanga helping indigents who needed legal representation.  An active socio-civic-religious leader, he served as president of the Rotary Club of Southern Pampanga, Worthy Advocate of the Knights of Columbus and an officer of the Apaliteños Educational Foundation. He is also a Director/Parliamentarian of the Apaliteños of Southern California, Academia Ning Amanung Sisuan International and the United Pampanga Leaders Council, an umbrella organization of Pampanga towns associations in Southern California. 

As a strong advocate of the propagation of the Kapampangan language and culture, he is acclaimed for his writings and poems in Kapampangan. In 2008, he was awarded the Medal and Certificate of Excellence in Poetry by the United Poet Laureate International and on September 6, 2009, he was proclaimed and recognized as Poet Laureate by Academia Ning Amanung Sisuan International (ANASI) and by the Aguman Capampangan in Portland, Oregon. Such awards made him the first and only Apaliteño to be bestowed with such prestigious recognition. He is now a member of the College of Poet Laureate of the Parnasung Kapampangan. His composed poems could be accessed in his blog

Mayor Tirso Lacanila - Self-made millionaire, two-term vice mayor and current mayor of Apalit and benefactor of many young, poor but intelligent Apalitenos in pursuing their education.

Brigadier General David Laquian - Deputy Chief of Staff of the Philippine National Police.

Bert Le Roy - One of the best character actors of his time both on stage and  screen. His patriotism led to his arrest, imprisonment and death at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II.

Fr. Rolando Q. Lopez - A native Apaliteno who has been appointed as Parish Priest of Apalit in Selptember 2007 replacing Fr. Larry Sarmeinto who has been re-assigned to another parish in Pampanga.

Adelino Lugue - Well-known Philippine CPA, co-founder of the Cursillo Movement in Pampanga, District Governor of Rotary International and former Provincial Board Member.

Dr. Amado B. Lugue, Jr - Prominent medical doctor in Pennsylvania specializing in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Mayors Alfonso Lugue and Romeo Pamintuan - Long-term mayors of Apalit credited for the peace and order and rapid business development in the community during their respective administration.

Dr. Carlos Manlapaz - Successful doctor of dental medicine and renowned socio-civic-leader who chaired the Philippine Centennial Celebration in Los Angeles, California.

Cresencio Simon Mendoza - Self-made millionaire, business leader, former president  of Rotary Club of Apalit, Pampanga, primary donor/committee chairman for the construction of the first Catholic Chapel in Alauli and  father of town councilor and businessman Sonny Mendoza.

Dr. Jose Carlos Pangan, Jr. - Consistent scholar from grade school to School of Medicine at University of Santo Tomas. Took post graduate studies in New York and established a successful medical practice in general surgery in Massachusetts.

Engineer Godofredo Gaddi Pangan - Administrator of the Rural Electrification Program of the Philippines and Undersecretary and acting Secretary of Public Works.

Atty. Pastor T. Pangan -  Regional Director of the National Bureau of Investigation who was recognized as Outstanding Pampangueno for Law Enforcement.

Benito Pangilinan - A director of the Bureau of Public Schools and Undersecretary of Education.

Dominador Pangilinan - President and Chief Executive Officer of Traders Royal Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in the Philippines.

Manuel V. Pangilinan - has his roots in Apalit, Pampanga. He completed his elementary and high school education at San Beda College and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree at Ateneo de Manila University (Cum Laude). He received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. A very successful and wealthy businessman, he is the chairman of PLDT, ABC TV5, Smart Telecommunications, Stradcom International Holdings Inc. and Cure Inc., First Pacific Company Ltd, Cignal Digital TV, Pilipino Telecommunication Corporation Piltel (Talk N' Text), First Pacific Tollways Corporation and Metro Pacific Investment Corporation, He is also the President and CEO of MERALCO as well as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of San Beda College.

Engr. Pastor Pangilinan - First Apaliteno to graduate in Aeronautical Engineering  in the early 1950s from FEATI University and became a  senior vice president for operations of Philippine Airlines and a consultant of other airlines.

Sixto Pangilinan - A successful entrepreneur who started as a traveling merchant, he established the first Flying A Gasoline Station, initiated the Pangilinan Service Station and operated a retail store in Apalit. He was also a popular  cabeza del barrio (barangay captain) of San Vicente and a municipal councilor in his hometown.

Mayor Emilio Pascual, MD - A well-respected medical practitioner and popular political and civic leader in his community, he was appointed  as a municipal mayor of Apalit in 1947 to jump-start the economic recovery of his hometown from the ravages of World War II.

Dr. Napoleon Punsalan - Prominent medical doctor specializing in surgery in New York City, New York.

Orlando Punsalan - Famous radio announcer and father of movie actress Princess Punsalan.

Dr. Antonio C. Quiroz - Voted as 1988 Outstanding Filipino Physician by the Association of Filipino Physicians in America. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in the specialty of Internal Medicine and the subspecialty of Cardiovascular diseases.  He is a product of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila and trained at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and the Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been a professor, a researcher and a cardiology department director at various medical centers and hospitals in the United States of America. He was also a Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. He is credited with at least 43 publications in American Medical journals. He is listed in Leaders in American Science, Who's Who in Louisiana, Personalities of the South and the Marquis' Who's Who in the South and Southwest. Still in active practice in the medical profession, he specializes in cardiology in Germantown, Tennessee. He completed his elementary schooling in public schools in Apalit, Pampanga and his secondary education at Pampanga High School at the age of fifteen years and his medical degree from the University of Sto. Tomas when he was twenty-two years of age.

Col. Eulalia P. Reyes - A woman medical doctor who joined the United States Air Force Medical Corps after a successful medical practice in the USA and in the Philippines and rose to the rank of colonel.

Florante P. Reyes: - Successful Certified Public Accountant and Chief Executive Officer in the Insurance and Banking Industry and well-known sportsman, socio-civic leader and philanthropist in the Philippines.

Honorable Adelina Galang Santos de Rodriguez - Renowned and effective mayor of Quezon City from 1976 to 1986 and and a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine National Red Cross.

Dr. Priscilla Galang Santos de Manalang - PhD, Professor of Education and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of the Philippines.

Larry Sigua - Leading businessman, real estate developer, journalist, newspaper publisher and current president of Knights of St. Peter.

Atty. Rodolfo Sigua - Celebrated member of the legal profession and renowned political leader of Pampanga.

Bernardo SimonBernardo P. Simon who has to his credit the authorship of several elementary mathematics books and publications is a very promising career executive of the Department of Education in the Philippines. He started his professional career as a classroom teacher and moved up as Head Teacher-III then to School Principal-I.  Impressed by his administrative and technical skills, the DepEd Division of Pampanga promoted him to Education Supervisor-I in-charge of Elementary Mathematics and as Industrial Arts Physical Facilities Coordinator. In 2008, he was transferred to the DepED Region III Office and was given the title of Education Supervisor-II. He was promoted again in May 2010 as Assistant Division Chief of DepED Region III. He is also a member of the Faculty of the Graduate School of the Don Honorio Ventura Technological University in Bacolor, Pampanga.

Dr. Simon’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, Master of Arts in Industrial Education and Doctor of Education.

In 1999, the DepED City Division of San Fernando, Pampanga conferred on him the Most Outstanding School Administrator Award and on December 12, 2006, the DepED Physical Facilities Schools Engineering Department Central Office awarded him as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Physical Facilities Coordinator of the Philippines

Dr. Simon is married to the former Norma Capulong, Public School Principal II and they are blessed with three children namely, Bernadette, a senior bank teller at BDO, Normando, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Systems Plus University in Angeles City and May, a Core Trainer. 

Eddie Ayson Simon - Current Provincial Board Member of Pampanga, successful business and insurance executive, major financial contributor to barangay projects and champion of the poor.

Engineer Juanito Ayson Simon - Pride of Apalit and an international award-winning inventor of an engine oil additive which is now in the market in the USA, the Philippines and other countries.

Cecilia Gonzalez Soriano - Career government official and former Undersecretary of Finance.

Dr. Manuel Galang Soriano, Jr. - Eminent specialist in urology who took up graduate studies in medicine in the USA and set up a successful medical practice in Pennsylvania. To share his expertise in the medical profession to his fellow Filipinos, he decided to return to the Philippines as a consultant and FEU associate professor of urology.

Amando Tetangco, Jr. - Governor of the  Central Bank of the Philippines.

Mayor Oscar Tetangco - Long-term municipal executive and strong advocate of industrial and commercial development of the town of Apalit.

Brigadier General Edgar Dula Torres- Superintendent of the Northern Police District of the Philippines and Vice Chairman of the Philippine Police Commission.

Atty. Eller Dula Torres - A law scholar who scored 91% in the bar examination. He was appointed as the first city fiscal of Angeles City and served later as assemblyman of the 3rd district of Pampanga.

Atty. Medardo D. Torres - A five-star defense lawyer in many criminals and civil cases in the '60s. Had he not migrated to the USA as an aspiring stage/television/movie actor, his legal expertise could have already made him a famous judge or a justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Atty. Torres is now a successful businessman in southern California specializing in real estate marketing and financing.

Sixto Vergara Torres - Worked for the Land Transportation Commission as regional director and deputy commissioner. He is most remembered for founding the Gonzalez Memorial Academy which is now a college in Apalit.

Dr. Carlos Uyan - Socio-civic-religious leader, leading doctor of veterinary medicine and president of ASCOM USA.

Palmacio Espiritu Vargas - Well-known socio-civic-religious leader, bank and business executive and was once elected number one municipal councilor and father of former town councilor Marlon Vargas.

Thousands of Apalitenos fought for their country to gain independence against the Spaniards, the Americans, the Japanese and other foreign invaders.

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Andro and Tess Z. Camiling are conscientious researchers and writers of Kapampangan history, language and culture. They wrote “Pampanga: History and Culture", "Pampanga: Towns and Barangays", "The Province of Pampanga and Its People” and other articles including “Malay Relation With Kapampangan Language and Culture”, "Spanish Relation With Kapampangan Language and Culture", biographies of eighteen (18) famous Kapampangans and the history of the towns of Apalit, Lubao, Masantol, Mexico, Minalin, San Fernando, San Luis, San Simon and Santo Tomas of the Province of Pampanga, Philippines. Andro is a true-blue Kapampangan based in California USA where he was employed and retired as an accounting/financial director at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and practiced his CPA profession as a management and tax consultant. He is a Pampanga High School Centennial Awardee as an Outstanding Alumnus in the Field of Accountancy and a recipient of the City of San Fernando’s 2011 Outstanding Fernandino Award for Culture. His wife and co-author of the aforementioned articles, the former Teresita Manalansan Zuniga of Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines is a retired public school teacher in Pasadena, California. She was honored and awarded with Certificates of Recognition by the California State Assembly and the California State Senate for her outstanding dedication to teaching when she retired in 2003. Andro and Tess are dedicated socio-civic-religious leaders in their community and served as long-term presidents of their town non-profit charitable organizations in the USA.