Pres. Diosdado Macapagal

by Alejandro Camiling, CPA


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Brig. Gen. Marcos G. Soliman
Philippine Military Academy Superintendent and
Commanding General of the Philippine Army

The Awards and Recognition Committee of Pampanga High School chose Brigadier General Marcos Gulapa Soliman as the most outstanding alumnus for military service in 1962 in connection with the school's Golden Jubilee Celebration.

General Marcos G. Soliman was born on April 25, 1910 in Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines to the spouses Paulino Soliman, Chief of Police of Candaba and a descendant of the Soliman royalty of the Kapampangan Kingdom and the former Concordia Gulapa.

General Marcos G. Soliman was the eldest of ten Gulapa-Soliman siblings. His sisters and brothers were Paulina, Paterna, Bonifacio, Simon, Luz Evia, Jose, Maria, Jesus and Lolita. One of his brothers, Bonifacio was a colonel in the Philippine Air Force. His younger sister, Paterna, a teacher, and married to former Vice Mayor Abelito L. David of San Fernando City in Pampanga has also a son who followed his footsteps in the military service who also rose to the rank of brigadier general in the Philippine Air Force and commanding general of Region III of the AFP Military Command in Central Luzon.

The young Marcos G. Soliman attended public schools in his hometown of Candaba and in the city of San Fernando. He graduated at Pampanga High School in 1929. One of his famous classmates was Diosdado P. Macapagal who was elected Philippine president in 1961-1965 after serving as Vice President of the Philippines in 1957-1961 and representative of the 1st District of Pampanga in 1949-1957.

General Marcos G. Soliman was also a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, the United States Infantry School in Georgia and the United States Command and General Staff School in Kansas.

A World War II hero, Marcos G. Soliman was in charge of a military command in Cebu after the fall of Bataan to the Japanese Imperial Forces in 1942. While leading a band of guerrillas, he was captured later by the Japanese in Leyte and imprisoned in Manila. He escaped from prison and joined the Allied Forces in the liberation of the Philippines.

General Marcos G. Soliman's illustrious military career was highlighted by high and responsible positions including Chief of Plans, Operations and Training in the Armed Forces of the Philippines; Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the II Military Area; Member of the SEATO Military Staff Planners; Superintendent of the Philippine Military Academy; Commanding General of the II Military Area; and finally, Commanding General of the Philippine Army up to his retirement from the military service in 1960.

General Marcos G. Soliman was also appointed as Acting Chief of Police of the City of Manila prior to his assignment as Chief of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA).

General Marcos G. Soliman is credited for initiating the organization of the Philippine Battalion Combat Teams (BCT) and the centralization of all army schools. As tributes to his distinguished military career, he was honored by the following awards and decorations: the Distinguished Service Star (four times); the United States Bronze Star for Valor (two times); the Order of the Banner and Cloud from Nationalist China; the Military Merit Medal (four times), and nine military campaign ribbons.

Prior to his death in the seventies, General Marcos G. Soliman was the Executive Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.

General Marcos G. Soliman married the former Jacoba Braganza who died in the eighties. Their marriage produced one daughter named Jenny who now resides with her family in Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines. ([email protected] - (10/19/2001)