Pres. Diosdado Macapagal

by Alejandro Camiling, CPA


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Delfin Turla Quiboloy
Poet Laureate

I was in disbelief when I heard from fellow Kapampangans that one of the best writers in Kapampangan poetry and literature died on April 25, 1999. I was sad and I refused to believe that Mr. Delfin Quiboloy joined his Creator because a few months before that, he started tutoring me in the art of writing Kapampangan poetry as well as reciting poems for beauty queens and princesses. His enthusiastic teachings were cut short by his death but his ardent desire to propagate the Kapampangan language and culture will be always in the minds of many of us who will carry on the task of making his wishes come to reality. 

Delfin was born to Dionisio Quiboloy and Anastasia Turla on July 23, 1911 in Santa Catalina, Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines where one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines was initially built. He attended public schools in his hometown during the same decade when famous Lubenians like President Diosdado P. Macapagal and Senator Rogelio de la Rosa were also pursuing their elementary school education.

Delfin started his teaching career after he earned his Elementary Teacher Certificate and Bachelor of Science degree in Education from National University in Manila, Philippines. He married the former Africa V. Paule on January 10, 1935 and their happy marriage produced a dozen children who all grew up to become successful professionals and respectable citizens.

After many years of service in the teaching profession as a school principal, Delfin and his wife migrated to the USA to join most of their children who made the "land of opportunity" as a second home.

At the time of Delfin's death, he was survived by eleven of his and Africa's twelve children namely, Celia Q. Flores, Liberty Q. Singian, Estrella Q. Bognot, Dante Quiboloy, Alice Q. Singian, Daisy Q. Bautista, Delfin Quiboloy, Jr., Nestor Quiboloy, Agnes Q. Japlit, Florante Quiboloy and Manuel Luis Quiboloy. His wife, Africa Paule Quiboloy died on March 7, 1986 and his second eldest daughter, Amelia Q. Cruz passed away on August 2, 1998.

Despite of a busy schedule as the breadwinner of the family and patriarch of the Quiboloy clan, Delfin was a prolific husband and a very productive poet laureate, playwright, educator and a leader among his peers. His literary achievements included several awards, medals and trophies. His crowning glory was on March 1, 1969 when he was honored by the president of United Poet Laureates International, Dr. Amado Yuzon in recognition of Delfin's contribution to World Poetry in general and Kapampangan Poetry in particular. His "Indung Kapampangan" (Mother Pampanga) won the 1st Prize in the Pampango Writing Contest on February 13, 1981 in connection with the celebration of Pampanga Day sponsored by the Province of Pampanga under the leadership of Governor and Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza.

Delfin was one of the founding members of Aguman Ding Talasulat Kapampangan in 1964 and he was elected as the organization's president in June 1977. Through the assistance of the late Senate President Gil J. Puyat, he launched the annual Don Gonzalo Puyat Memorial Awards for Pampango Literature in 1978. 

Delfin wrote more than two hundred poems, novels, and dramas. A few of the zarzuelas he wrote are "Ing Tagumpe ning Katutwan" (The Triumph of Truth); "Ganid" (A Cruel Person); "Sinta't Balen" (Love and Country); "Aus Ning Laman" (Call of the Flesh); "Angga Banwa" ('Till Eternity) and "Malagung Ubingan" (Beautiful Traitor). 

Together with another poet laureate, Jose M. Gallardo, Delfin published a masterpiece called "Kuriro at Kawatasan" in the early eighties.

"Kawatasan nang Delfin T. Quiboloy", a compilation of some of Delfin's favorite poems, includes "Iyas King Balas"; "Indung Kapampangan"; "Pamibule-bule"; "Ibpa: King Penganak"; "Penganak: King Ibpa"; "Ketang Milabas"; "Poeta, Nanu Ka?"; "Dalit Babo Ning Damulag"; "Bisa Kung Dalit Pa"; "Katandanan"; "Katapatan; Musika, Kayupaya Mo.!"; "Ing Lugud Ku, Ngamo.?"; "Pamana;" "Tagulele Ning Ulila"; "Nanu Ya Ing Sinta?"; "Ing Diwa Ku Manyabi Ya."; "Salamin Ning Napun"; "Ibpa Ko.!"; "Maki-lulu Ka King Aldo.!"; "Tatanam Na Naman.!"; "Sangkan"; and "Ing Poeta".(Andro S. Camiling - 03/19/01)