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by Alejandro Camiling, CPA


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Jose Gutierrez David
Justice of the Supreme Court

Jose Gutierrez David was the youngest of nine children of Mateo Gutierrez and Gabriela David. He was born on January 29, 1891 in Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines. He was raised and educated in San Fernando, Pampanga and completed his high school education as one of the first nineteen graduates at the Pampanga High School in 1912.

Months after Jose's high school graduation, he married his sweetheart, the former Concepcion Roque of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Their happy marriage was blessed with seven children who all attained college education: Perla, became a medical doctor, Jose Jr, a chemist, Leonardo, a lawyer, Felicitas, another chemist in the family, Amaury, a mechanical engineer, Alice, a liberal arts graduate and Irma, another liberal arts degree holder in the family.

Determined to have a professional career while raising a young family and as a working student, Jose Gutierrez David graduated at the top of his class in 1915 with a law degree at the Escuela de Derecho de Manila and was admitted to the Philippine Bar the following year. He started his law practice and gained prominence as "the Pampanga trial lawyer." Despite of the increasing demand for his legal expertise, he was always conscious of his obligation to assist in the administration of justice. In 1918, he could not refuse an appointment to the judicial court system as Auxiliary Justice of the Peace in San Fernando, Pampanga, which position he held until 1920. After this two-year judgeship, he was elected as municipal councilor of the same municipality and served as such for the next ten years. He continued practicing his law profession in the province of Pampanga and neighboring provinces for the next two decade.

Jose Gutierrez David was elected as a constitutional convention delegate in 1934. He was one of the signers of the 1935 Philippine Constitution, thus following the footsteps of his distinguished father, Mateo Gutierrez, who was one also of the signers of the Malolos Constitution in the late 19th century. Jose Gutierrez David was the Chairman of the Committee on Impeachment and a member of several committees in constitutional assembly.

The following year after the signing of the 1935 Philippine Constitution, Secretary of Justice Jose Yulo appealed to his sense of public duty when Jose Gutierrez David was offered the position of Judge of Court of First Instance (CFI). Although acceptance would mean a tremendous reduction of income from his then well-established law practice, Jose Gutierrez David considered the offer seriously. Thus, Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon appointed him district judge of the Court of First Instance. Thereafter, he was assigned to different judicial districts, e.g. Cavite, Baguio, and finally in Manila. After World War II, President Sergio Osmena reappointed him as judge of the Court of First Instance in Manila. In November 1946, he was elevated to the Court of Appeals as Associate Justice by President Roxas. On August 6, 1956, President Ramon Magsaysay designated him as Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals. In 1959, President Garcia appointed him Associate Justice of the Supreme Court which he held until he reached the age of retirement on January 29, 1961.

It is to be noted that Jose Gutierrez David learned the Spanish language by self-study and applied its usage in his law practice because at that time of his career most of the judges and lawyers were Spanish speaking. As a judge of Court of First Instance and later as Court of Appeals justice, he wrote most of his decisions and opinions in the Spanish language. On account of this, the Royal Academy of Spanish Language, led by Claro M. Recto voted him as one of its elite members in July, 1958.

Justice Jose Gutierrez David was a law examiner in 1955 and Chairman of the Philippine Bar Examination in 1960. After his retirement from the judicial system, he devoted some time in commercial activities and sat on the Board of Directors of several corporations. He served as a member of the Board of Censors for Philippine Motion Pictures in 1962-1964.

In recognition of his love for his high school alma mater and outstanding leadership, his fellow high school alumni chose him as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Golden Jubilee Homecoming of Pampanga High School in 1962 when President Diosdado P. Macapagal was honored as the most Outstanding Alumnus of the said school.

Justice Jose Gutierrez David was also at one time the patriarch of Kapampangan writers and poets. In 1908 at the age of 17, he expressed his love and affection to his young sweetheart, Concepcion Roque, whom he brought to the altar four years later in matrimony, by writing and dedicating a beautiful and romantic poem entitled "Tuqui Ca Baculud" (Come to Bacolor).

As a journalist in 1914, together with famous playwright and poet, Juan Crisostomo Soto, Jose Gutierrez edited "Ing Balen", a Kapampangan newspaper-magazine, and "Ing E Mangabiran - El Imparcial, a Pampango-Spanish newspaper.

As a playwright, among Jose Gutierrez David's theater plays were "Amanda", a one-act zarzuela; "Migdusang e Micasala" (The Guiltless Sufferer), a drama in verse; and "Ing Independencia (The Independence), a three-act nationalistic play.

As an advocate of the propagation of the Kapampangan language and literature, Jose Gutierrez David and his contemporary Kapampangan writers conceived the idea of writing a Kapampangan grammar book and dictionary but his Creator called him to cross the Great Beyond on March 24, 1977 before the Kapampangan books were published. ([email protected] - 10/19/2001)